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In the corner of my eye, I could see the last gift left.
I'm sure it was from Y/N. I wonder what she gave me.... I nervously took the gift and unwrapped it. I felt like I knew what it was.... 

I was astonished! I let out a gasp.

Why had she given me this? I mean, how did she even remember? I thought she had amnesia....

*Flashback* (third person's P.O.V)
"Saengilchughaeyo Jungkook-ssi!!" Y/N shouts as she bring in the surprise birthday cake for Jungkook.
"Chincha Daebak! Thank you so much Y/N!" He said and blowed out the candles.
"Yeahhhhh!!! Our Jungkook is finally turning 16! He's a man now!" Y/N teased.
"Aish!!! Igge Bummika? Call me Oppa now! I'm older than you. Say - Jungkook oppa!" He said.
Y/N blushed at this, but shyly let out the words, "Jungkook oppa!" Jungkook laughed at this, "Why are you blushing Y/N-ssi? Do I attract you that much?" He teased her, making her cheeks go red with embarrassment.
"A-Ani! We are just friends, Friends."
"Aigoo! Our cute chingu is shy. I must stop now before her cheeks burst out!" He laughed at his own joke.

Y/N took some cream from the cake and put it in Jungkook's face.
"Yah! Chingu!" He also takes some and chases after her. They play around for sometime. By now their face is covered with the vanilla icing of the cake.
"Jungkook I've got a gift for you!" Y/N takes a present and places it on Jungkook's lap.
"What's in here?" He asks as he excitedly unwrapped the gift.
There was a musical box in it. It was shining with all the various gemstones and glitter in it. It looked really good.
"Open it up!" Y/N said.
As Jungkook took out the lid of the box, a music started playing in from it, and there were two dancers Dancing round and round in the middle. That sound sounded familiar to Jungkook.
"Do you remember this song? I wrote it last year for you and told I'd record it. We'll, here it is!" She happily blurt out,
"This is daebak! I can't believe you did it for me! I thought you'd already forget it! Thank you so much, I really like it!" Jungkook exclaimed and quickly hugged Y/N. He broke the short hug and it got awkward after that.

He had feelings for her, but she never knew..... just the day after Jungkook's birthday celebration, she left for her transfer. They never got to say goodbye. Everything happened so fast, and it hurt him the most......

*end of flashback*

Back to Jungkook's P.O.V
I nervously opened the musical box. It had the same exact design like the other one that I got in the past. The two ballerinas in the middle were the same, but something was different, it was the music coming from it. It had the same kind of sound vibes coming from it and the lyrics were somewhat same too, but the tune was different.
"Y/N did you write this song?" I asked her.
"How did you know?!" She replied back, sounding surprised.
"Did you think it would be hard to guess? I got it from you so I guessed you wrote it." I answered.
"Why didn't I think about that?" She said to herself and face palmed.
"Anyways thank you. I really liked it."
"You're welcome."

"Yahh! Y/N! This is great. It should be your debut song!" PD-nim said.

I actually didn't want to give this song to anyone else, it belonged to me, she belonged to me. But I shouldn't be selfish. It's good for her.

"Yes! That's a great idea. This song will totally be a hit!" I exclaimed putting on a big smile.

Everyone else agreed, and Buck Cherry agreed too. (Buck cherry is the name of Y/N's band)

The rest of the evening went by exclusively.
I spent a lot of time with Y/N, and was happy that I could catch up with her.

When it was time to go, I called Y/N, and gave her a peck on the cheeks, not the lips.

She blushed at this.

This was the best night of my life, and it was all because of Y/N.

Sorry guys for the late update. It's been already 8 days since his birthday, but school was an obstacle.

And i won't be able to update new chapters for the next 3 weeks cuz I'll be having exams.

And also with this chapter comes the end of Jungkooks birthday chapters😁 Anyways wish me luck, and all the very best😘

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