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Image: bonfire-burning-camp by Vlad Bagacian

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Image: bonfire-burning-camp by Vlad Bagacian

Soundtrack: Sitka's Death [Brother Bear Soundtrack] - Mark Mancina


They were born amidst the dew

Of a foggy, balmy dawn

Betwixt the ocean and the loch

Omniscient of the morn

Roar of neither man nor beast

Could turn the spirits Three

Against the order, old and new

To guard the earth and sea

Spirit one, Son of the Land

His howl strong, Adhair in hand

Would take the realm, but naught as fought

Nor ruled; 'twas balance that he sought

Spirit two, the one called Ru

Would seek adventure; mischief too

O'er the hills and seas she flew

With nature's children, born anew

And spirit three, the Life-Force, he

Sought solace among the centuries

His bestial heart always be strong

Yet scarred by those who did it wrong

The Lìog Airgid, formed for peace

Must now fight and seek release

From the chains that wind so tight

Round the spirits; hear their plight

A Terran parent spawned the Three

No gender, race, or species be

Whichever form that's taken, sees

The countless spirits of Earth that seek

An end to war, a planet freed

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