Ch. 3

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[ Sabertooth ]

Year X789

(So Kasai's like in his early twenties from my calculations but if I'm wrong plz correct me)

Location: Crocus, Fiore

It's five years after the Tenrou team disappeared and since Kasai Dragneel left Fairytail.

Now the reason Kasai left was  because being in the guild hall was like torture. Everyday he'll sit on second floor and stare at the guild doors waiting for his family to return but....

they never did

Plus his job was a complete failure...

'Damn lizard...'

Now he's here in Crocus sitting outside a restaurant eating a large feast of food with no where else to go.

But than the answer appeared to be staring right at him.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't continue to stare at me and let me eat in peace." Kasai growled lowly when he caught the scent of dragon coming off these two males.

When he put two and two together...

Rogue Cheney: Shadow dragonslayer

Sting Eucliffe: Light dragonslayer

The twin dragons of Sabertooth.

'Foire's Strongest Guild' He thought mockingly to himself as they walked closer to him before standing right in front of him.

Sting was the first one to speak, "Aren't you Kasai Dragneel? Fairytail's Older Brother and elemental dragonslayer?"

Kasai sighed and pushed his food away from him and signalled the waiter to bring the bill. Before started to pack his things to hit the road again.

"To answer your question, yes I am."

"Why'd you leave you guild?"

Kasai paused, and thought it over...

He couldn't just tell them what happened cause than all of Fiore would know that Fairytail is at it's lowest point. It'll become more of a laughing stock than it already was before.

"They were weak." Kasai said bluntly as he finished packing and was about to start walking away when from the corner of his eyes he saw both of them look at each other and stopped him.

"How bout you join Sabertooth?"

Kasai froze as he considers the option. He'll be able to get money and have a place to go back to....

He turned to face the other dragonslayers.



Upon entering the guild Kasai immediately noticed the difference between Sabertooth and Fairytail.

It was quiet, to quiet for his liking.

Their guild master sat in the middle of the guild in what seemed to be like a throne and glared at him darkly. Upon seeing worst glares throughout the years Kasai looked back at him passively.

Sting and Rogue stepped forward to tell him why he was here and who he was.

But Kasai had no doubt Jiemma know who he was.

"Kasai Dragneel... Fairytail's strongest mage... Step forward. Rufus get the stamp." A masked man quickly obliged and raised it questionly.

Kasai revealed his right shoulder showing his faded Fairytail guild mark. There were many gasps of shock throughout the guild but were shushed by a glare of Jiemma.

Rufus quickly stamped over it before stepping back and a young woman wearing a blue dress walked forward taking his place.

She wore heavy eye-shadow and her hair was plaited neatly. Kasai held his breath due to the perfume she was wearing he also smelled blood relation between her and Jiemma. She reach his chin but she held a presence of authority and he could tell she had the strength to back it up.

'She's still weaker than me'

"There is one thing about Sabertooth you should know, Kasai-san." The woman raised a eyebrow. "Here, there are no comrades. We do not allow the weak into our guild. We aim to stun the heavens and silence the raging seas. We rouse the land beneath us, for that is the Sabertooth way. Understood?"

She asked and Kasai knew the final sentence was aimed at his former guild which had him flare his magic up.

Never before did he want to harm somebody without needing to but fire and smoke rose up into his throat daring him to smoke this...


But he held back, exhaling the smoke in his mouth making the bitch take a step back he looked above her head towards her father.

"I understand master."

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