Chapter 10 - Summer Vacation! Well, Not Exactly For Some of Us

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***** "It's the last day of school! Summer vacation, I'm coming!" Yuuna exclaimed at breakfast.

"Shut up, I'm not ready for my department speech and school speech yet......" I growled.

"It's ok, we feel you," Daniel said as he eyed Joseph, who sighed in agreement.

"Yeah but I also have to do one for the whole school......" I whined.

"Did you sleep?"

"Of course not, Daniel and I were practicing our speeches together for the whole night!" I wailed. It's been three weeks since the incident with those Capital scientists occurred. I've been looking through all the files inside the data-pads, and have decided to share it with a person that I could really trust with this classified information.

"Are we changing dorms next year?" Alex asked.

"No, unless you want to. You live in a double with Andre, right? So it's not bad," I replied.

"Luca, I heard you were looking for me!" Lindsey said as she entered the lounge.

"Eh, where are you going?" Yuuna asked in a suspicious voice.

"I just need her to do some analyzing for me," I replied and waved her off. "Plus, why do you care?"

"Humph," she said as she puffed her cheeks.

"Luca, you made your girlfriend mad!" Daniel exclaimed as I rolled my eyes and walked away.

"She's not my girlfriend..." I muttered in annoyance as I left the dining hall. As childhood friends, I struggle to actually see her as my girlfriend, even though we almost kissed after the Taoyuan Disaster.

"So, what do you want me to do?" Lindsey asked as we walked down the hall.

"This place isn't safe; can we talk at your dorm room?" I asked.

"Hehe, you wanna do some lewd stuff?" Lindsey teased.

"Seriously, I've got some really important data that I need you to analyze and research," I stated. "You're the only one that I can really trust with this information."

"I see..." Lindsey mumbled as the two of us headed for her dorm. When we arrived at the girl's dorm, a few girls chatting in the common room spotted us as we walked past.

"Ehh, isn't that the commander?" one of them asked Lindsey.

"Guys shouldn't be in a girl's room!" another exclaimed.

"He's got something that he really needs to discuss with me," Lindsey replied coolly as we headed for the elevator. Once we entered Lindsey's room on the third floor, I immediately locked the door added an alarm on it.

"Wow, are you sure you're not gonna doing something weird here?" Lindsey asked slyly.

"We can save that for later," I teased back. "But now, we've got more important things on our hands right now."


"You can't tell anyone about this, promise?"

"I promise, so what is it?" Lindsey asked impatiently. I covered the windows with curtains and a sound-proof shield, which will block off our sound to other people.

"During my patrol a few weeks ago, I ran into a group of scientists that worked for the Capital. They were killed during an ambush by Unknowns and I recovered the data from them," I explained as I laid down the data. Lindsey looked at one of the data-pads and exclaimed, "What... What are these?"

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