Chapter 10...

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"Hey! What the heck are you doing?! What's going on?!?" I yelled in confusion and concern. The pig didn't answer and continued to drag me, but even faster, pretty much running. Then a Time Sweeper ran after the pig and I. Wait...That sweeper...It looks like...BLINX! IT'S BLINX! HE ACTUALLY CAME FOR ME! OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! "Mikaela!" He yelled. Then he swept up the closest thing near him and shot it at the pig who held my wrist tightly. The pig fell, letting go of me. He seemed to be knocked out cold.

Then Blinx immediately ran towards me and gave a big hug. I started to cry. Blinx actually came for ME! I wasn't forgotten by him! But sadly, the hug was brief. "Must move!" He said. I nodded and ran along side him down the halls. But as we ran, we soon came to a dead end. Crap! "Uh...This way...!" Blinx said, now grabbing my wrist too. I ran with him, passed a doorway, and pigs came out of it to chased after him. We ran even faster and turned a corner. MORE pigs came, blocking our way! We were now surrounded. Oh no...


The Tom Toms held their guns and weapons up at me. I hissed and backed up with Mikaela. But there was a hole in the wall where a door apparently used to be and I almost fell out of it. I was quickly pulled away by Mikaela before I did fall and thanked her. I looked out and saw a big drop to the outside. Yea, that would've hurt to unwillingly fall out of...

Then the leader of the Tom Tom Gang, Benito, came out of the crowd and gave an evil grin. "Você realmente pensou que você escaparia com ela com tanta facilidade? (Did you really think you would escape with her so easily?)" He said. My fur raised up and he ripped Mikaela out of my grip. She struggled, but failed to get out of his grip.

"Você não pode apenas levá-la de nós! Ela não pertence a você! (You can't just take her from us! She doesn't belong to you!)" I shouted at him. He chuckled and replied "Oh, mas ela faz agora. (Oh, but she does now.)" Then he held up her hand. But before I could see why he held it up, sweepers came and shot at the Tom Toms, including Benito! I quickly got Mikaela again while I had the chance. "Venha Blinx! Nós precisamos nos mexer! (Come on Blinx! We need to move!)" One time sweeper told me. Another saw the missing door and said "Lá! Saltar! (There! Jump!)" Wait, what!?! Then they started to jump out of the ship. Ok then! Cats CAN land on their feet IF they know what they're doing.

I looked at Mikaela and she seemed nervous. "" I said. Geez, I really need to practice my English more. She looked down at the sweepers who jumped, but hesitated. She was probably nervous from the drop. "Ok...!" She finally said. I nodded and picked her up. Benito seemed to get up, same with his henchmen, and yelled "Pegue eles! (Get them!)" There was a hint of fear in his voice. I NEVER heard the tone of fear from him before. He charged at me, but I jumped. He reached his hand out, but JUST missed grabbing my jacket. "MIKAELA!!!" He screamed. Mikaela clenched onto me and I roughly landed on my feet. Oof! Ow, my foot. But I still kept running! I ran with my team and looked back. "Ordens à partir de a CEO para todas as equipes de varredora! Saia dos veículos Tom Tom e retire-se para o Time Factory. Nós recebemos nossa varredora! Eu repito, nós recebemos nossa varredora! (Orders from the CEO to all sweeper teams! Exit the Tom Tom vehicles and retreat to the Time Factory. We have received our sweeper! I repeat, we have received our sweeper!)" The radio told all of us. Apparently, someone told CEO that we got Mikaela. Sweepers were now jumping and exiting the ship.


"YOU MORONS! THEY'RE GETTING AWAY WITH MIKAELA!" I screamed, grabbing one of my henchmen's shirt collar and violently shaking him. Pain and heartache struck me, and I HATED it. I hated it just as much as I hate those dumb Time Sweeper cats! "GO! GO! GO! GO GET MY WIFE!" I ordered. "Yes sir!" They all said. I then went out to control the ship. I drove it after the sweepers, especially the one that had Mikaela. You will NOT get away from me you stupid cats! But then a portal randomly appeared for them. Don't you DARE! They all jumped in it, including Mikaela. "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed in anger and sadness. It would be hard to find the Time Factory again because it never stays in one place! Its very hard to explain. "Boss, they got away!" One of my henchmen said. "YOU THINK I DON'T REALIZE THAT!?! I need to get Mikaela back! DO SOMETHING TO RETURN HER TO ME!" I demanded.

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