Chapter 7...

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It was the next day. I woke up and was still angry from yesterday. Ugh...I looked at the gun on my side that I got yesterday. It gave me an idea. I'll just go to the training grounds. I got up from my bed and went to my bedroom door. Luckily, my door was unlocked, so I easily walked all the way outside. But I ate before I went out, just so I wouldn't hear any complaining. When I got there, I saw that same pig from yesterday, Ugo. "What are YOU doing here?! Haven't I told you that there is no business for you here?!" He said angrily. I hesitated, but then thought of a nice comeback so I could explore the grounds. "So that's how you speak to your boss's new wife, hmm? Ugh. Such low respects to me..." I said with an evil grin.

Ugo was alarmed by this fact. He gave a nervous chuckle and said "Oh yea...! I forgot. Oops...", then scratched the back of his head. I just pretended to shake my head in disbelief, and so Ugo showed me around the training grounds, probably hoping to make me not upset at him anymore. The grounds were big and I saw the some members of the group practicing their stealth skills and shooting slingshots at targets. Most of their shots weren't very good, but not very bad either.

I wanna shoot something! But I don't wanna use the gun I have. "Hey, can I try a crossbow?" I asked Ugo, pointing at one of the pigs holding a crossbow. He grinned and said "Of course! The more destruction, the better!" He just snatched a crossbow from one of the member's hand and ordered for the arrows. The pig gave it to him and just went to get another one. That was a bit rude...Then Ugo gave the crossbow and arrows to me.

He walked me to a place where a target was free and nobody using it. "I'll be surprised if you even hit PART of the target!" Ugo said with a chuckle. I rolled my eyes and looked at the dummy target. "Just be calm and take it slow. But do it quickly!" He told me. That makes absolutely no sense at all. But I didn't say anything and focused on the dummy. I held up my crossbow and blocked all noise from my ears. After giving a breath, I shot it. It hit directly into the dummy's left eye.

All pigs that were near me looked right at me in amazement, even Ugo! "How did you do that...?" One of the pigs asked. "I don't know...That was my first time actually." I replied. Well, I've done bow and arrows before, just not crossbows...Until now. "First time!?! You guys need to up your game!!! You're not practicing enough! GO! GO! GO!" Ugo said to the other pigs.

Then the others worked and practiced even harder. I kinda felt pity that I was better than them on the first shot, yet felt more pride towards myself. Ugo looked back at me, slightly embarrassed by his members. "So...Do you plan on kicking any butts?" He asked. Is thta even a question? "Oh, I kicked major butt before, so it should be pretty easy." I replied with a grin. He chuckled and said "Good. Because we do alot of it." I smiled. I felt much calmer now and I felt like this was my environment. Maybe being here isn't all that bad after all...I can cause danger as I please!


N-no...I can't do that. I shouldn't do that. I must get away from them. I can't let my craving take me over...

So I told Ugo that I was gonna go. He nodded and continued to train and push his members. I went to the other side of base and saw some lounge chairs sitting there with a few towels. I went to one and laid down on it, the sun hitting my body. It was quite relaxing actually, I just needed sunglasses. But I just grabbed a towel that was on the back of another lounge chair and put it over my face. There we go, much better. I was like that for a good hour-and-a-half.

When Benito found me, he was a bit frustrated. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Slacking..." I replied. "Oh, well, I've done that on the chairs out here. I even took naps on them!" He said. I uncovered the towel on my face and looked at him. "Good for you! At least you know something for once!" I told him. "Yea!...Wait...What!?!" "Nothing. Just relax. Take a load off." I said. Just chill, I don't want to deal with your anger. He smiled, came over to me, and laid in the lounge chair beside me. Seriously...? Right next to me? Really!? Eh, whatever...

I put the towel over my face again. "Why do you put that on your face? It's used for drying off after you went in water!" He said, sounding like I was being dumb. I rolled my eyes, lifted the towel again to look at him, and replied "The sun hurts the eyes, you know. It's on my face because of that reason."

He blankly stared at me for a moment, then quickly stood up and ran back into the hideout. What the heck?  But soon, he came back out with something in his hands. "Here! Take this!" He said. I looked at the goggle-like glasses in his hands. The glass parts were green. "I know you like the color green, so I got these." He said with a smile. I smiled back and said "Aww...! Thanks! How sweet of you!" That was very nice of him to do that for me. Benito turned red a little and laid back down on the lounge chair while I put them on.

We laid on the lounge chairs for awhile, just randomly talking to each other. Huh. I was much more comfortable talking to him than on day one. We were silent for a moment, but then he started to talk again. "What do you think makes a person truly evil?" He asked. a weird and interesting question..."Umm...Probably the environment that they are in, or an event in life that changed them deeply." I replied. The life even is a big one, because it happened to me. He hesitated for a moment, then nodded. "Why do you ask that?" I asked, full of curiosity. "U-uh, nothing! It's nothing at all!" He said. Uh huh, yea...But that's fine. I don't really need to know.

"Umm...Do you want to grab some food after this?" He asked. "Sure! But I wanna stay a little longer." I replied. He gave another smile and said "Ok! As you like." Wow...He CAN be a gentlepig at times...

But soon Ugo ran over here for some reason. What does he want...? "Boss! Don't you reme-" "WHAT!?! DON'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY RIGHT NOW!?! WHAT IS IT!?!" Benito yelled. "Sorry boss, but we had plans to do, remember?" Ugo said. What plans? Benito rolled his eyes and grumbled. "Oh yea...I'm coming. Sorry princess. I got something to do." He told me. I shrugged and said "That's fine. I don't care." He gave a weak smile and quickly went back inside the hideout with Ugo. Wait...Did he just call me Princess?!? Whatever...After a few minutes, I stood up and just went back in my room for the rest of the day.

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