Chapter 6...

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It was the next day. Mikaela woke up and put the drawing away. She then sighed and tried to open her door. It was locked of course. 'Of course...' She thought. She tried knocking on it, and a passing henchman heard her knocking. "Yes? Who is it?" He asked. Her face went to disappointment. "Duh, it's me. Who else would knock from the inside of this door? Ugh...Can you lemme out please?" Mikaela asked. Then the henchman unlocked the door for her and she got out. She briefly thanked him and decided to walk around the ship, trying to get to know it, or possibly find a way out.

As she walked, she found out where Benito's bedroom was. She quickly walked past it. 'Heck no.' She thought as she sped walk passed it. She walked around more and figured out that the base had a teleport hub, shop, locker room for the henchmen, a Theater, and even big training grounds outside the base.

She went to open towards the door to the outside, but the guard stopped her. "You can not go pass this area." The guard told her. Mikaela pondered to make an excuse, then got the perfect saying. "Uh...Benito said I could!" She lied. The guard paused for a moment, then let her through. "Idiot..." Mikaela muttered, but the guard didn't hear her. She went to the training grounds and saw a bunch of henchmen training and practicing with their weapons and stealth skills.

But when she came near, some of them felt slightly nervous for some reason. As she looked around, she saw alot of weapons nearby. There were bazookas, grenade launchers, laser guns, flamethrowers, slingshots, baseball bats, giant hammers, crossbows, shotguns, sniper rifles, and much more. But mainly guns. Mikaela smiled and picked up a small laser gun and put in on her belt.

But then a pig that was training some of the other pigs stomped over to her. He was a bit husky with a large brown mustache on the sides of his snout. He wore a green cap, goggle-like glasses that the glass was stained red, a red-and-white horizontal striped muscle shirt with the edges of the sleeves tattered, dark blue pants, tan gloves, and tan boots. "What do you think you're doing!?!" He shouted. Mikaela got startled a little and looked at him. "U-uh...I was just checking around the place. Sorry for disturbing you sir." She replied with slight guilt. "Nice to hear that, but call me Ugo. You have no business here! Now run along!" He said. Then Mikaela left and went back inside. "Wow, what a jerk." She muttered as she went inside.

She continued walking down the hallways of the base until Benito found her. "There you are! Why are you not in your room or on the throne!?!" He said in slight anger. "I was just giving myself a tour around the place." Mikaela replied with no emotion. Then Benito grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen. "You MUST be hungry, so eat something." He ordered.

Mikaela just carelessly grabbed a random bowl of strawberries and started eating them just to eat. "At the table!" Benito shouted, rolling his eyes. Mikaela chuckled dryly and went over to the table to sit down with the bowl still in her hands. Benito gave a slight smile and asked "What would you like to do today?" Mikaela shrugged and continued eating her strawberries. He started throwing ideas but Mikaela didn't really like any. "Then what DO you want?" Benito asked in boredom. "How about just relaxing today." Mikaela suggested. She didn't want to do anything at all. Benito thought for a moment, then said "Why not? We don't really have anything else to do anyways...unless it is stealing Time Crystals."

Then Mikaela set the empty bowl on the table. "Wow! You're done already?!" Benito said in surprise. Mikaela nodded and Benito asked if she wanted any more. But she said no and they went out to their thrones. When Benito sat down, he started to talk again. This time, Mikaela listened to what he said...Just in case...

"So what do you want to do?" Benito asked, then ordered his men to get him a drink. "I just told you that we should slack off a little!" Mikaela replied. "How do you do that?!?" Benito question. The henchman came back and handed Benito his glass of water, and Benito started to drink it. Mikaela stared at him in disbelief. "You never slacked before...?" "I don't even know what that means." Benito replied. Mikaela face palmed herself. "Slacking is relaxing...Now you don't know how to slack off...?!?" Mikaela asked in frustration. Benito looked at her in confusion. "I only relax when it's time for sleep."

Mikaela inhaled in frustration, trying to calm herself. "Right now we are slacking...We are doing nothing..." "But we're talking to each other!" Benito shouted. "I mean we are not doing any work or major activity, idiot!" Mikaela shouted back, standing up. Benito spat out the water he had in his mouth. "WHAT did you call me!?!" Benito said, standing up also. "Slacking is also to be calm and not stressed out! But you are making it more difficult than it needs to be!" Mikaela yelled.

Benito looked at her in frustration, and her doing the same exact thing back. "How DARE you talk to me like that! Why don't you take a trip to your room!" Benito yelled. "And what if I don't want to!?!" Mikaela yelled back. Benito then broke the glass in his hands in anger. "That was an ORDER! So you have NO CHOICE in the matter!" Benito said in anger. "Ok. Fine." Mikaela said with a shrug, then walked back to her room. She didn't care at all. "Wow. That was unexpected." One of the henchmen said. "Why don't you just SHUT UP!!!" Benito screamed, grabbing the henchmen's shirt collar.

Then he threw him out of the way and stomped towards Mikaela's room. But before he entered, he gave a deep inhale and exhale to calm himself a little. But he decided not to and ordered one of his henchmen to check her instead, and went back to his throne. When Benito was out of sight, the henchman opened the door a little and saw Mikaela huddled into a ball, sitting beside her desk. Mikaela looked up at him and the henchman tried to enter. But Mikaela stopped him by saying "Step another foot near me and I will make you suffer in pain..."

So the henchman closed the door and quickly walked away, a bit scared for his life. He went back to Benito and Benito looked at him. "Well!?!" "S-she is not happy at all sir..." The henchman just replied. "Of course she isn't...!" Benito muttered in anger. "What would you like us to do sir?" Another henchman asked. Benito thought for a moment, then said "Just leave her be for the rest of the day. She'll be fine tomorrow." Although he was unsure that would be 100% true. The henchmen nodded and continued their business.

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