Chapter 5...

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It was the next day. I woke up and immediately got my henchmen to help work on my suit for the wedding. I know it's a few days early, but I don't care! Better to be prepared than not! I looked in the mirror at my formal self. "Does this make me look a little big?" I asked them. "Of course not boss! It wouldn't look more amazing than being on you!" One of them replied, looking at the others. "I know. I know. Everything looks best on me!" I said in pride. Surely Mikaela will fall even more deeply in love with me at time goes on. No matter what clothes I have on!

After checking myself out in my formal, I ordered my men to plan Mikaela's dress next. It was a long white dress that had beautiful fake diamonds scattered on the top, and a slightly sparkly veil that came with. Just perfect for her. Oh! And it also came with shiny white heels that were maybe an inch high, if not shorter. I told them to make her put on the dress to see if it would fit.

So they went to her room and asked her to put on the dress. You don't need to ask to put a dress on! Idiots...But she took the dress and closed the door, leaving them and I to wait. I hate waiting, but I find this worth it. After a few minutes, she came out and they brought her to me. She looked so gorgeous! My eyes became hearts and she looked away from my face. She probably can't stand my good looks in this suit. "I know. I know. You can't wait to be with this handsome pig." One of the other henchmen said to her. "I hate dresses and I hate sparkly things..." She muttered, rolling her eyes. That made me a bit angry, but I let it slide. Don't want to ruin it now.

"You look amazing." I told her with a grin, hoping to bring her spirits up. But instead of a smile, she frowned even more. "Is this all you got? I don't like dresses." I felt my face turning red in anger. "YOU WILL WEAR A DRESS! THIS IS A WEDDING! YOU ONLY NEED TO WEAR IT ONCE!" I blurted out yelling. "So after today, I don't need to wear it?" She asked. Grr..."NO! YOU NEED TO WEAR IT TO THE WEDDING! THEN AFTER THAT, YOU WON'T NEED TO WEAR IT ANYMORE!" I shouted. She chuckled and muttered "Such a gentlepig you are..." Then walked back to her room. GRR! THIS WOMAN DRIVES ME INSANE! I screamed in frustration and started throwing everything, hitting my henchmen once in awhile.

But after doing that, I felt a bit more calm, but not alot. I decided to go out to my throne. I ordered my henchmen to bring Mikaela out here also. When they went off, it wasn't long for them to come back with her. She didn't have the dress on anymore and was in her regular clothes. Dang it...At least she is gonna wear it at the wedding. Then I had a brilliant idea. I stood up and went to my ship, making Mikaela follow me, along with some other members of the Tom Tom Gang. I went off to take over a dimension by stealing it's Time Crystals. I sat down in my throne inside the ship and started doing my work on a random dimension. Cause why the heck not!? I can do what I want!

While I did, Mikaela seemed to have an amazed expression  I grinned when she asked "What are those things?" Then I explained the Time Crystals and what they do. She was very amazed and said "They're so pretty...!" I chuckled and agreed, but said "You're more prettier." Then her ears went down and looked guilty for some reason. I asked her what was wrong but she didn't respond and kept staring out the window like nothing happened. Ok, whatever.

Then I came up with another brilliant idea. "Why don't I let you touch them?" I said, grinning widely. "Really?" "Yea! Why not?!" Then she got all excited. That is the happiest I have ever seen her yet! I have succeeded on making her have a real smile! Yes! I stood up and led her to where we store all the Time Crystals. As we walked down the hall, I noticed that her hands were shaking slightly. EH, it's probably just her excitement! When we made it to the room, her eyes widen in awe. I chuckled at her astonishment and stood proudly.
Then I slightly pushed her to let her know it was ok to go in. Once she did, she ran inside, not knowing where to start first. But she quickly decided by picking up a moon shaped Time Crystal. She examined it with alot of curiosity and amazement.

Wow, this just amazes ME how she is so happy at such little things! Seriously! Then she picked another one up. This time, it was a diamond shape. "Green, my favorite color." She said with a smile. I must note that. I smiled back and let her walk around the whole room with me. The Time Crystals shined and Mikaela couldn't help but smile in awe and examine almost every one of them. Hmm...Maybe...long as I have all of these Time Crystals, she'll be very happy and want to be with me even more! Perfect idea! Our bond of love will grow even bigger when she's happy all the time. If she feels upset, I'll just give her some of these! I gave an evil chuckle at my brilliant plan while Mikaela examined a star shaped Time Crystal.

I quickly whispered to one of my henchmen nearby "Let her see and touch the Time Crystals whenever she wants." That's an order. The henchman nodded and I went back to Mikaela. "Having fun?" I asked her. "You have no idea. This is awesome!" She replied. I love her smile. Ah~

I grinned and we were in there for awhile. But after that while, I told her we had to go. She gave an upset expression, but listened, and we walked out. She's even listening to me! Wow, I REALLY rubbed off on her! Well, duh, of course! This is Benito were talking about, aka ME!

We went back to our thrones and she seemed quite happy despite that we left the room with all the Time Crystals! I am such a genius! Who else would have known she was attracted to Time Crystals? No one, because I am the greatest master mind of all! Hahaha!

Anyways, I continued to terrorize the people of the dimension and stole their Time Crystals. But after awhile, an evil smile spread across Mikaela's face. She gave an evil chuckle and leaned forward to get slightly closer to the window. Now THAT face I never saw or even KNEW she had. She was obviously interested in my work. "What are you doing?" I asked her with an evil grin also. "Watching civilians scream in terror while you're collecting." Mikaela said with a laugh. "It's hilarious!" She added. Now this I like! Then I started laughing along with her.


Benito and I laughed like the crazy villains we were. This made me think of who I really was: A deranged maniac that craved for people's terror and blood. Sadly, this involved no blood. But it involved alot of terror, AND all the pretty crystals that we can keep! That I could keep...Plus, the place looked pretty broken down anyways, so no use for it. It needs to go bye bye.

I am a maniac, yes. I have been, I probably always will be. I wanted to get rid of my insanity before, that's why I was in that alleyway. That's why I was crying. I was hiding and wanted to stop being a danger for once. But...forget that now!

I was an endangerment to that place because of my...'strange ways'. But it wasn't my fault for being like this. Others have hurt me and made me become like this. Anyway, and now, I should accept the fact that I am evil, not the goody two shoes I used to be. But enough about that crap. Ugh, thinking of my past memories are terrible. Luckily, this can make me feel more fulfilled.

Then my eyes looked at a certain building...A building I sat on...with...


I stopped my laughing. I felt like I couldn't laugh anymore. I started to choke on them. Tears began to trickled down my face. I was crying...? I didn't really understand why, but I just felt overly unhappy...

Benito saw me crying and quickly came to kneel down in front of me. "W-what happened?! Why are you crying?!?" He asked me, his face slightly distressed, yet full of worry. I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. My crying made me choke on my own words also. Then Benito decided to be done collecting crystals and just took us back to his base. He was quite quick and serious about it too.

When he parked his ship in the vehicle garage, he picked me up and carried me to my room. I couldn't really move, except slightly shivering, due to crying so much. That's why I didn't fight him to put me down. He placed me on the slightly torn up bed and tried to talk to me, but soon realized that wouldn't work. So he went over to my desk and searched through it, trying to find something, not really knowing what he was looking for.

Then he found my drawing I did of Blinx. He looked at it, then got angry. He slammed the paper down, exited my room, and slammed the door behind him really hard, not saying a single word. I scrambled to grab my picture of Blinx and stared at it, still slightly crying. But the more I looked at it, the unhappier I got. Now I understand. Lying down, I tried falling asleep while crying, clutching the drawing against my body...

This isn't who I should be. Blinx helped me TRY to be good, even if he wasn't aware of it...God, now I miss him...

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