Chapter 2...

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It was the next day and I woke up. News spreads very quickly around the Time Factory like wild fire. Almost everyone knows about Mikaela being here now. I looked around and saw Mikaela still sleeping. My friend, Neo, was in the kitchen, staring at her. He had gray fur and the same outfit as I, but except his coat was purple and his pants blue. "Blinx, quem é esse? (Blinx, who is this?)" He asked in confusion and concern. Then I told him the story. He was amazed that the CEO accepted her to be here.

"Ela fala inglês. (She speaks English.)" I told him. He looked quite impressed and smiled. "Você encontrou uma bonita. (You found a pretty one.)" He said. I threw my boot at him. He slowed time and dodged the boot then laughed. I laughed too. "Estou falando sério! Ela é muito bonita. (I'm serious! She is very pretty.)" He said. I chuckled and replied "Sim, mas perigoso. (Yea, but dangerous.)" She DID throw a knife at me, then bit me after all. But she was scared, so I couldn't blame her. He nodded and finally looked away from her. "Quer algum alimento? (Want some food?)" He offered. I shook my head and said "Não obrigado. (No thanks.)" He shrugged and sat down to eat his pancakes on the floor.

After about 15 minutes, Mikaela woke up. "Good...afternoon." I said to her warmly. She looked at me and briefly giggled. "You mean good morning?" She said. Oops...My English sucks sometimes. I gave a nervous chuckle and nodded. "Y-Yea..." I stuttered. Then I asked Neo if there was any food left. "Sim, no balcão. (Yea, on the counter.)" He replied. I grabbed the plate and offered Mikaela some pancakes. "Thank you." She said, and took the plate. I grabbed a fork and gave it to her, then she started to eat...

In the middle of eating, Mikaela's eye caught a glimpse of Neo's knife and she stared at it. Neo saw that and said "Oh, desculpe! Aqui, não preciso mais disso. (Oh, sorry! Here, I don't need it anymore.)" She grinned and reached for it, but I shouted "Não! Não dê isso a ela! (No! Don't give that to her!)" and snatched it out of his hand. "O que diabos Blinx! Porque você fez isso?! (What the heck Blinx! Why did you do that?!)" Neo shouted at me. "Ela não pode estar perto de coisas afiadas e perigosas! (She can't be near sharp, dangerous things!)" I replied. Then I put the knife in the sink, quickly washed it, and put it away.

"Você está exagerando. É apenas uma faca de manteiga. (You're overreacting. It's just a butter knife.)" He replied with a tone of disappointment. I am not over reacting! I'm just taking safe precautions, that's all! "É chamado de segurança extra. (It's called extra safety.)" I told him. He rolled his eyes and Mikaela snapped out of it. "What's your name?" She asked Neo. Neo didn't understand what she said. He doesn't know English. So I told him. "Uh...Neo." He replied. Mikaela nodded and said her name. Neo held his hand out for her to shake it, but she didn't. She just blankly looked at it.

Then when she was done eating, I got my sweeper and told her to follow me. I led her to a portal, portal M73B1 to be exact, and said "Go in." She looked at me with a stern look and asked "Why? What's in there?" I replied "New place." She didn't really understand, but I then said "I catch you...if you like?" She hesitated and pondered while looking at the portal, then back at me. She repeated those steps until finally, she nodded. I gave a nod back and jumped in first.

I came jumping out into the air and landed on my feet. Soon after, Mikaela came flying out also. She was about to fall face-first into the ground if I didn't catch her. But I did and she looked stunned. "You...ok?" I asked her. She looked at me, a bit in shock, and said "Yea...I never done THAT before." I chuckled and put her down.

Then I made her follow me around the place, just for a walk. She seemed to like the place alot. It looked like an old town that was abandoned for a little, but yet still had some people in it. She thought it was cool, and that made me happy. We walked all around, enjoying some views. Then I helped her get on top of a building to look at the sunset. I want to learn about her. She seemed amazed at the sight and told me that I was a 'cool dude'. I don't know what 'dude' means, but I suggested it was another word for cat or animal. I didn't know...But I just smiled and said "Thanks." She replied "Your welcome." and sighed. I don't know why, but she just makes me feel very warm inside...And I like it. It feels nice, yet slightly weird at the same time, but not in a bad way.

We sat there for about an hour, just enjoying the sunset and chatting to each other, trying to know about each other (mainly me wanting to know about her). But soon, we had to go back. I didn't want the mother computer or CEO to see me doing absolutely nothing. So I stood up and told her it was time to go. She gave an upset expression, but did follow me back to the Time Factory.

When we got back, a bunch of alerts went off and the announcement said that the Tom Tom Gang was coming. They must've found our location! Everyone either panicked and went to get their sweepers, or stood their ground and already had their sweepers with them, ready to fight. I was one of those who stood their ground and was ready to fight whatever the Tom Tom Gang had for us. Mikaela asked me what was happening, but I said "Go to room! Danger! Now!" She looked at me with wide eyes, a bit panicky, but didn't move. "Go!" I screamed. Then she ran back to the room.

Then a bunch of things were bashing against the walls of the Time Factory and exploded. A bunch of Tom Tom Vehicles came in, dropping a bunch of the Tom Tom Gang below. I grabbed my sweeper from my back, swept up chunks of the damaged wall and started shooting at them, same with all other time sweepers. The Tom Tom Gang shot their laser guns, bazookas, bombs, and more at us and we took some cover with the bigger broken wall pieces on the ground. The big clock that loomed above us was falling down, so I paused time and told everyone to move out of the way. They did and the time continued. Everyone gave a cough as the dust spread a bit from the clock collapsing to the floor. We saw more and more of the Tom Tom Gang coming out of their floating vehicles, and they and us kept shooting.

A member of the Gang had shot their bazooka at my teammates, and one of my comrades slowed time so they could moved out of the way. Then I jumped out and ran towards the Tom Tom Gang, ready for action. I shot at them and they fell. But then the mother computer was shutting down, due to the enemy being at the computer core somehow.

But not just the mother computer shut down, so did everything else. The alarm, the lights, everything. But then Mikaela came out of nowhere and jumped into action along side of me. She didn't have a sweeper, but she had sharp kitchen knives. Then she ran towards the Tom Tom Gang and threw her knives at them, and stabbing them. I got to say, I was impressed! Some of the Tom Tom Gang fell and died when she stabbed them. She makes it look so easy...Some of the others even watched her in amazement as they fought. Wow...!

But then a Tom Tom grabbed Mikaela. She screamed and tried to stab him, but he had her in a pretty good grip and made her drop her knives. "Você não é uma menina bonita e feisty? (Aren't you a pretty and feisty girl?" The Tom Tom said with a sneer. Mikaela spat in his face and he got ticked. He quickly tied Mikaela up and pretty much kidnapped her. I ran after the Tom Tom, but he already escaped and put Mikaela in the vehicle. The leader of the Tom Tom Gang, Benito, told them all to fall back. Some weren't able to get away because we shot them down, but most did.

Crap...I'm gonna have to go save her. I don't really complain about that though. I think I fell in love with her somehow...But the question is why...?

It's kinda like Princess Lena all over again, yet different...

I'm coming for you Mikaela! Don't worry!

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