Chapter 1...

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"Time is like a treasure. It's precious, yet so few...understand it's true value. Use each gem wisely, and most dreams can come true." Blinx reflected on that first statement given to him during his training as a Time Sweeper. After 2 long years, he was finally ready to travel to different worlds, collecting time crystals so the flow of time would be best. But it was another 2 years after his first adventure, saving world B1Q64 and rescuing it's princess, Princess Lena. The cat use to have a crush on the human girl, but as time went on, his love interest for her has faded. He now considers her as a friend. Man, did he have ALOT of adventures after that one.

From his room, he had on his blue jacket with a golden bell on the neck, red baggy pants, white steel-toed boots, white gloves, and gray goggles resting on the top of his head. His clothes made his orange and white fur stand out, along with his green eyes. He inspected his sweeper and found the round blue, purple, and light pink deposit with silver buttons, the purple, pink, and light blue chromed tube and purple mouth all in perfect condition. It was his second favorite sweeper known as the TS-X7 Supreme. His first favorite was broken and unusable. He put his equipment on his back and walked out of his room onto the moving catwalks.

The sound of the giant engrams on the ceiling was muffled by the announcements from the big screens on both walls. He took out his CLOKD (Communication Log Organizational Key Device) to recheck which world he was assigned to:

Z5X73 has a most favorable Time Usage rate.

Monster threat code: Green.

Average sweep time: 30 minutes.

Blinx was comforted that his assignment was an easy one. It also allowed him alot of time, so he didn't need to rush that bad. But he still wished to do his best for the people living there, even if he wouldn't meet them on a normal basis. It was his first time entering this exact portal. All he knew about it was that it was a very large area, at least that's what some other time sweeper said. So he excitedly paced himself to the correct direction and up a small set of stairs. He stood before the portal on the top of the jumping platform. 'Let's do this then.' He thought, then raced across the platform and jumped into the portal. He was briefly blinded by the white light of the portal as he emerged into the other side. He came jumping out of the air and landed on his feet. The area was a bit dark and had a bunch of apartment buildings and alleyways.

He walked along. He found some time crystals and sucked them up with his sweeper. If he saw a time monster, he would suck up the nearest object and shoot it at him.

As his sweeper was sucking up 2 time crystals, he saw a mouse scurry across the road. Blinx successfully fought the urge to pounce and catch it, and kept walking along. After about 10 minutes, he was near the end. To Blinx, it was a sigh of relief, even though he barely did anything really hard. But then he heard someone sobbing. It was coming from an alley way. Being the curious, warm-hearted cat he was, he went towards the sound. He saw a teenage girl sitting against a brick wall, hugging her knees. Blood was all over her hands and she was holding a knife. She had long brown uneven hair, light brown cat ears, and blue eyes with green eye shadow. The clothes she wore was a green shirt with a brown belt overlapping it, black yoga pants, and very dark grey shoes. She also seemed to have fangs like a cat. Blinx worried for her and slowly took a step closer. She was beautiful, but what seemed to be in danger. He could only imagine the trouble and/or suffering she could have been in. From how she's out here like this, he wonder if she even had a family. He took another step, but stepped on a piece of paper that made a crinkling sound. She easily heard him and quickly looked at him with a terrified expression.

"Você está Bem? (Are you ok?)" Blinx asked. The girl didn't understand what he said. She backed away from him and threw her knife. He quickly dodged by slowing time. "Não tenha medo. Eu não vou te machucar. (Do not be afraid. I will not hurt you.)" He told her. She frantically looked around to hide, fight, do something! "Get away from me!" She yelled. Then Blinx cleared his voice. "You...speak English?" He said. The girl still looked around for something. She couldn't find anything useful, so she was about to run. But Blinx grabbed her arm so she couldn't run off. "Are you...ok?" He questioned. She panicked and bit his arm, then ran off. Blinx was stunned by this for a few seconds and the wound sting a little. "Wait!" Blinx shouted, getting back on focus. But she ignored him and ran faster. He ran after her.

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