Chapter 8 - Memories (Ambush!)

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***** In the end, we lost the match as we were outnumbered and outgunned. The Red Team acquired a few more bonus codes and utterly destroyed our base. I don't mind losing, considering I was busy teaching the five students a lesson.

"You mad?" Atlas asked as the boys of the Alpha Squad sat together during the break.

"No, I'm mad at those five students," I growled.

"I hope Joy's ok," Daniel murmured.

"Don't worry, her conditions are stable and the docs found the internal bleeding spot," Samantha reported. "Although I don't agree with what you did to the students, you did the right thing. They are currently detained and will be punished."

"To be honest, it was still fun," I murmured.

"Oh my god, it was such a fun game with Alex," Daniel exclaimed. "We wiped out three companies when we only had one company left and we captured the flag!"

"Great, but we're not done here," David stated as he appeared behind us. "You guys have to meet with the commanders of the SUA."

"Joseph, Max, Daniel, you guys come with me," I ordered. "David and Karen, you two will follow too."

"You ready to meet the SUA commanders?" David asked.

"Anytime," I replied as I entered the briefing room. Once inside the room, the noisy chatter between the SUA generals quickly silenced, and the seven of us were met by five pairs of ice-cold eyes staring towards us.

"Hi guys, I think you should know all four of us," Daniel stated, breaking the awkward silence inside the room. "These two are David and Karen, they are our secretaries or some sort."

"I'm General Nelson," one of the leaders replied in an edged voice. "and they are Vice Admiral Parker, Vice Admiral Vandenburg, General Oscar, and Commander Linda respectively."

"Anyways, this exercise is beneficial for both sides; you people would get your midterms done, and we get to test out our new weapons," General Oscar explained.

"Weapons? What are you guys testing now?" Daniel questioned.

"Laser pulse cannons and gravitational beams," Commander Linda replied.

"Those are hard-hitting weapons......" Joseph muttered.

"We're testing out weapons too," David said.

"Really, what are they?" General Nelson asked eagerly.

"You guys really want to use magic too, right?" I asked.

"Of course we do," the general replied.

"Well, have fun trying to achieve your goals," I teased.

"Anyways, we're just testing out a new type of firing system and inside our weapons and ammunition," Karen reported.

"By the way," General Nelson interrupted. "Did you guys find out whether an Unknown attack is mounting off in the Taiwan Strait? Our sensors show that there's no chance of an Unknown attack, what about you guys?"

"Same here, we aren't expecting any problems other than small scouting squadrons," David replied confidently. Suddenly, the screeching sound of an alert was echoed through our ears.


"An attack!" Vice Admiral Parker exclaimed.

"Urgh, we jinxed it!" Daniel wailed.

"Guy's we're redeploying!" I told my team.

"David and Karen you two go to the camp, to muster some defense. You generals should deploy some troops and a shield here. This is our HQ, and it can't fall," I said.

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