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Pierce, Kaden, Lowell, Annabelle, Genevieve, and Cordelia all sat in the living room eating pizza that Kaden had made from scratch. "This is really good. Where did you learn to cook like this?" Annabelle asked, really enjoying the pizza. Kaden shrugged. "I've learned from my parents. My dad was the true chef in the family. He died recently but left me all of the recipes he had. So I have those." Kaden said nonchalantly. "I don't have a mate to cook for yet, so that's why I asked big guy over here if I could be the pack chef. I'm only seventeen. So I got time though."

Cordelia choked on a piece of pizza and made a gagging noise. "What? What I say?" Kaden asked innocently. Cordelia looked up at Kaden. "You're only seventeen? And you cook this good?" She asked. Kaden nodded. "What's my age gotta do with it?" She asked jokingly to Cordelia and threw a pillow at her.

Cordelia dodged the pillow and giggled. "Nothing. It's just.. I could barely cook eggs at seventeen. Much less anything else. And you know how to sew. If I tried to sew, I'd give up after twenty minutes. I even struggle tying my shoe sometimes. I'm nineteen years old. I shouldn't be having that problem anymore."

Pierce laughed at her. "You can't tie your own shoe?" He asked her. She looked up at him. "How old were you when you learned how to tie your shoe?" She asked. Pierce blushed a deep pink and stumbled on his words. "That's not the point. Who cares?" He growled. "He was fifteen when he learned to tie his shoes." Genevieve smirked and took a bite of pizza. Everyone in the room laughed except for Pierce. "You're not supposed to tell anyone that." Pierce mumbled and shoved the rest of the pizza on his plate into his mouth.

"You've only known how to tie your shoe for 6 years?" Lowell asked Pierce after he came down from his laughing fits. "Well. I was always given Velcro shoes or flip flops when I was a kid. I just never learned how to tie shoes until I started wearing tennis shoes and dress shoes at fifteen." Pierce hissed. "I learned when I was four." Cordelia giggled. "I can only do it the bunny ears way. Every time I try doing it the other way, I get confused."

Annabelle looked at her. "What other way? There's only the bunny ears way." She said to Cordelia. Cordelia shook her head no. "No there's this one way where you take one of the laces and make a bunny ear and then wrap the other one around it and push it through the little hole under the bunny ear and pull it through. But I can never seem to get it."

Pierce got up and stretched. "I think I'm going to go to sleep." He said and walked into the kitchen and set his plate down in the sink. "You better wash that." Cordelia and Kaden said at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed.

Pierce rolled his eyes and turned the sink on and washed his plate. As he walked out, he noticed Cordelia's friends has disappeared. Probably back to the guest room. "Hey, Dels. I got your dress done. Want to go try it on for me?" Kaden asked Cordelia as she got up and took hers, Cordelia's, and Genevieve's plates into the kitchen and came back out seconds later. "Hey you didn't wash the plates." Pierce whined. Kaden shrugged. "I'll wash them today. Unlike you who waits a couple days for someone else to wash your dishes."

Pierce sighed. "Okay. Well I'm going to bed. Night." He yawned and subconsciously leaned his head down and kissed the side of Cordelia's head. "Night." He mumbled in her ear and went off into his bedroom. Cordelia blinked. "Um. Okay. Night." She called after him and walked into the room where Kaden was making her dress.

Kaden followed shortly after and grabbed a red dress out of the closet. "Here. Try this on." Kaden handed Cordelia the dress. Cordelia stripped and put it on. The top near her breasts were was really big and the place around her hips were really tight. Kaden laughed. "I think you have it on upside down, sweetie."

She helped Cordelia out of it and helped her put it back on. "There. How does it fit now?" Kaden asked her. It fit much better. "It's a little big in the stomach but fits perfectly everywhere else." Cordelia said as she looked in the mirror. Somehow the dress exactly matched her hair color. Cordelia's hair was naturally a shade between bright red and auburn. It wasn't the light orangey-red color like her parents' hair. But apparently her great grandma on her dad's side had the exact same hair color.

"You'll grow into it. I purposely made the dress a tad bit bigger so you'll have wiggle room. Good thing it fits." Kaden clapped a little bit and smiled. Cordelia took the clothes off and put back on the baggy clothes she stole from Pierce. "You think I can spend the night at your house?" She asked Kaden as she handed the dress back to her. She shrugged. "Sure. It's usually just my mom and I there. So it'll be fun having another girl in the house." She smiled.

"Come on. It's getting late." Kaden said after she hung up the dress. She pulled Cordelia out of the house and towards hers

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