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Cordelia had left the house and walked around the pack. But she really had no idea where she was going. Until she found a little garden on the opposite side of the pack. She walked through the different flowers and sat down on the bench and just got lost in the flowers until someone came over and sat next to her.

"Beautiful here, isn't it?" The deep voice asked her. She looked up and saw a a dirty blond, brown eyed, pale skinned boy who was probably around Pierce's age. She nodded. "Ya. It is." She said and looked away. "I haven't seen you around before. Did the alpha let you in?" He asked her as he picked a daisy and put it behind her ear. She blushed at the gesture. "More like kidnapped me if that's what you mean."

The boy scrunched his nose. "What do you mean kidnapped?" He asked her. She took a deep breath. "About a week ago, he showed up at my old pack and attacked us. I ran away and then he found me. We're mates but I don't think we're meant for each other." She sighed and looked away. "Ya. He's a big meanie, I've heard. Even though I've lived in this pack for 20 years, I haven't personally met the guy."

Cordelia nodded. "He is a big mean guy. And I let him push me over. I get he's my mate and all but I should stand up to him." She sighed. The boy lightly shoved her with his shoulder. "Hey. The next time you see him, whenever you decide to go back, tell him the ground rules. What's what. A beautiful girl like you should never take crap from a man. Any girl period shouldn't take crap from a man, honestly. But tell him that he can't treat you like that anymore and if he really wanted you as his mate, then he'd better straighten up."

Cordelia giggled. "Ya. You're right. I'm Cordelia by the way." She said and extended her hand to him. He grabbed and shook it. "Cordelia. That's a mouthful. Mind if I call you Deli?" He teased. Cordelia giggled. "Funny." She said. He smiled at her. "I'm Michael." He said and brought her hand to his lips and lightly kissed her knuckles. "Pleasure to meet you, Cordelia."

She nodded. She thought Michael was a really nice guy. Why couldn't he be her mate, she thought. But Pierce was her mate for a reason. And whatever reason that was, she had to deal with it. Even if she didn't like it.

"So. If you marched back to him right now, what would you tell him?" Michael asked her. She thought for a second. "I'd tell him to stop being an asshole and that I'm alpha and if he doesn't like it then he can kiss my butt." She said. Michael chuckled at her response. "Close enough."

They talked for a little while longer until she decided to go back to the pack house and tell Pierce a little more of what's on her mind.

When she got back there, she saw Pierce and Kaden standing outside the pack house, talking. Kaden noticed her first. "Hey Dels. I have your dress almost finished. I'll probably have it done in ten minutes or so. Just come back to the room whenever so I can see if I made it too big or too small." Kaden said and left both her and Pierce outside.

She looked up at Pierce and saw there was a red mark on his nose. "You look like Rudolph. Does your nose shine like a lightbulb?" Cordelia asked nonchalantly. Pierce growled at her. "Ha ha. You think you're so funny. Don't think I'll let what you did and said to me pass." He snapped.

Cordelia crossed her arms over her chest. "I don't care what you think about what I said or did. If you don't like it than that's your fault. And also, I'm not going to let you push me over anymore. That is over. Here and now. If you truly were going to change, then you'd stop being an ignorant ass to me and actually try loving me. I let all of what you said and did pass. Because I know you're hurting. But as Genevieve said, you need to get over that. It's been ten years, Pierce. They're dead. You cant revive them. I get they were your parents and all but you know what? If they were here today and saw you treating a girl badly, then they'd probably kick you so hard, you'd end up six feet under. But from here on out, if you even treat me like you did, I'll put you six feet under myself. Understood?"

Pierce looked at her with a shocked look. She actually stood up to him. No one has ever done that to him before. He wasn't sure if he was mad or found it attractive. After pondering a second, he found it attractive. Definitely attractive. "Okay then. Will do. Want dinner?" He asked and entered the house.

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