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"Hey, Kaden? There you are." Pierce said as he came up to Kaden in the middle of the pack location. "Ya. I was at home. Sleeping." Kaden said. "What do you need?" She asked him as they started walking towards the pack house. "I get that we wont have the celebration for another about two weeks. But I want to get everything settled." Kaden shrugged. "Sure. When is it?" She asked him as the came up to the pack house. "Probably that Monday night. I believe it's like the 15th or 16th."

Kaden nodded. "Okay, then I'll start getting thinking about what to make." She said and started to walk in but Pierce stopped her. "You know how to make clothes, right?" Pierce asked. Kaden nodded. "Do you think you can make something for Cordelia to wear that night?" He asked. "Sure."

They both walked in and found Cordelia in the living room, sitting on the love seat while Genevieve was sitting on the couch. "That is a man eating couch. You should be careful on that." Cordelia giggled. Genevieve rolled her eyes and smiled.

Kaden skipped over to Cordelia. "I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm Kaden. Nice to meet you." Kaden said cheerfully and extended her hand to Cordelia to shake. "Hi. I'm Cordelia." Cordelia said and took her hand and shook it. "I need to make you something. Come on." Kaden said and pulled her out of the love seat.

Cordelia looked at her odd. "Make me what?" She asked as Kaden pulled her to the hallway and all the way back into a dusty, old room with a dresser and a sewing machine. "Pierce asked me to make you an outfit for the Moon Goddess Celebration. It's not this Monday but next Monday."

Kaden closed the door and went over to the dresser. "I'm thinking of making you something red. To match your hair color and I think red will look good on you." She said as she pulled out a whole bunch of red fabrics. "Come here. I need measure you." Kaden said as she carried the fabrics to the table next to the sewing machine and grabbed a measuring tape.

Cordelia came over to her and Kaden instantly wrapped the tape around the areas that she needed to measure and wrote down the measurements. "Thank you. That's all I need." Kaden smiled.

Cordelia nodded and left the room. She walked into Pierce's bedroom to see him changing. She blushed. Pierce looked over his shoulder. "Oh hey." He said and continued to dress.

Cordelia walked over to him and lightly wrapped her arms around his waist. "What? What are you doing?" He asked, turning his head over his shoulder to look at Cordelia. She shrugged her shoulders and set her head in between his shoulder blades. "Nothing." She said. "I am going to steal something from you." Cordelia said and pushed past him and walk to his closet.

"Hey!" He said when she grabbed an old looking shirt. "Hey nothing. I haven't had a shower in a while and I want to take one and need something to change into." Cordelia growled as she walked over to his dresser. "But do you really have to steal my clothes?" He asked as she grabbed a pair of shorts out of his dresser. She nodded once and walked out of the room.

"Hey Kaden?" She called as she headed down the hall and into the sewing room. "Ya?" Kaden called back. "Do you have any underwear I could borrow. I didn't expect to stay here for awhile." Cordelia joked. Kaden nodded and giggled as she went over to the dresser. "There's a whole bunch of old clothes in here. This used to be Pierce's parents' bedroom." Kaden sighed and threw Cordelia a pair of underwear and bra.

She caught them mid air and walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Taking off the clothes she had on, she hopped in and let the hot water rush over her body. About ten minutes into it, she finally used whatever shampoo and soap in the shower and hoped out and dried off.

She put on the underwear and bra and then the shirt and shorts. The sleeves on the shirt went down to her elbows and gigantic in the torso area and the shorts kept falling down. She groaned and looked around the bathroom until she spotted a rubber band on the sink. Grabbing the rubber band and a chunk of the waistband of the shorts, she wrapped the rubber band around the chunk and the shorts finally stayed up.

Cordelia walked out and walked out into the living room. She was starving so she decided to walk into the kitchen, only to find Pierce at the stove making something. "Hey." She said and walked up to him. He turned around to say hi but bursted out laughing. "You look like a 5 year old stole her older brother's clothing." He laughed.

Cordelia pouted. "Meanie!" She said and slapped his chest playfully. But he kept laughing. "You, sir, need to straighten up." Cordelia said. "Well I can't when you're dressed like that." He laughed more. She growled and reached up to pinch his nose and pull his face down to hers. "Now you listen to me, Mr. Eldred. I wont let you push me around anymore. K? Just cos these clothes are a little bit too baggy doesn't mean you should make fun of me. Don't think I have forgotten what you've done or how you've treated me. Now shut it or I'll kick your little alpha ass into next year." She let go of his nose and walked away.

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