Chapter 36

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I couldn't wait any longer.

Screw that I still had my casts on I'm sure Blaze won't mind doing all the work.

"Ava are you sure?" He asked picking up the blanket and basket. "You know I was just teasing baby I can wait".

"I can't anymore" I whispered as I grabbed hold of his hand "Please Blaze". It was like a spark had went off inside his head because before I knew it he was carrying me to the car.

It was perfect. We had the clubhouse to ourselves and there was no one to interrupt us. My stomach was going like a washing machine I couldn't help but feel nervous. Was I always going to feel nervous when it came to having sex with him?

"You have got to be fucking kidding me" Blaze growled knocking me out of my thoughts.

My heart sank...... I was finally ready to have sex, finally feeling comfortable and not giving a damn about everything that was going on inside my head - my mom and dad had returned, the clubhouse was in full swing.

"Should have stayed at the beach" I grinned playfully hitting his shoulder. "Come on we better show face". I was surprised I hadn't received a call or even a message from them.


"I know babe I'm just pissed and not because we can't have sex I was just getting used to having you all to myself" He smirked pushing open his door.

"You still have me all to yourself" I shrugged as he helped me out of his truck.

"Yeah....we better get in"....

"Them being back doesn't change anything"I felt I had to say it.

Slinging his arm over my shoulder he kissed the side of my head "The only thing that'll be different is those fuckers in there will know you are officially mine".

And we were back to this.

"They already do" I sighed

"Nah baby I mean for real" He said as he pushed the clubhouse door open.

I had no idea what he meant..


"Blaze I'm just going for a pee you don't have to come with me" I sighed.

"But I want too" He pouted his hands grabbing my bum and pulling me towards him. Did I forget to mention he was drunk? I had never seen him drunk before.

"Wanna make out?" He grinned his face so close to mine our noses were touching. Laughing I rolled my eyes "Make out really?" Sinking my teeth into my bottom lip I heard the moan escape his mouth.

"Baby you can't be doing that" swiping his tongue from his mouth he licked my lip making me release it. "I have never wanted anyone as bad as I want you right now"He whispered and suddenly me having to pee didn't matter anymore, no one in the room mattered. Everything was forgotten about the moment his eyes met mine.

"You're drunk" I whispered my mouth suddenly dry. Smirking he placed his hands around my hips and pulled me flat against him. He wasn't only drunk he was hard too. "Blaze I need to...- before I could finish my sentence he had me in his arms carrying me outside.

"Blaze"...........Placing me on the hood of his truck he stepped in between my legs and just stared at me.

"I'm not as drunk as you think I am sweets I know exactly what I'm doing, what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling" Placing both hands on my thighs he stared to rub them up and down "Just wanted to get you out here so we could be alone now give me a kiss" He smirked moving his head closer to mine.

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