Chapter 21

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"He said what?" Annabelle asked as Cordelia calmed her crying. She didn't know why she was crying over him. She knew he was an asshole. But maybe she got her hopes up about him changing. Maybe he wasn't after all.

Cordelia looked down. "I thought he was changing. Maybe I was breaking through his walls. I somehow just went in and kissed him. He kissed back for a little bit then stopped and told me the three of us needed to get out by tonight go back home." Cordelia sniffled.

Lowell growled lowly to himself. "I'm going to get him for making you cry." Lowell finally said and stood and started to leave the room. "Lowell wait." Cordelia sighed. "Please don't. It's fine." She told him. Lowell turned to look at her. "He made you cry. No man should make a girl cry."

Lowell exited the room and stormed out into the living room where Pierce and Genevieve were. Genevieve looked up at Lowell. "Here's her friend." Genevieve gave a small smirk and got up from Pierce's side on the couch. "What do you want, guy?" Pierce asked Lowell as he stood up too.

"Your mate is in the other room, crying." Lowell hissed. Pierce shrugged with a blank expression on his face. "Okay? Good. I intended that." Pierce said flatly. "I don't want her here. She's free to leave whenever she wants."

There was a sharp pinch of pain on the back of Pierce's arm. He winced and turned to look at who was causing him pain. "You idiot. What I freaking tell you! What did you tell her?" Genevieve growled. She hated getting upset. But if someone was emotionally hurting, she hated to see that. "Nothing. I just told her she could leave." Pierce mumbled as he rubbed his arm.

Cordelia came out and grabbed Lowell's arm. "Come on. Leave it be." She whispered to him and tried pulling him out of the room. "No. You go back into the room with Annabelle." He told her. Cordelia shook her head. "Not unless you come with me. Go." She told him and pushed him the way to the room. Lowell gave up and headed back to the room.

Pierce turned away from Cordelia but Genevieve grabbed him by the ear and made him turn back around. "Ow. Ow." He hissed. "You are a grown ass man, Pierce Christian. Get over yourself. They died. I get it. You're hurting. But you need to stop thinking everyone who is going to love you and you love is going to leave you. I mean everyone freaking dies. I'm sorry. But that's the harsh reality, kid."

Genevieve glanced up at Cordelia and then back at Pierce. "This girl," Genevieve started and pointed to Cordelia. "Even though neither of you know it, probably loves your more than you can ever imagine. She's put up with you for this last week and even though she could easily reject you and leave, she hasn't. You killed half her pack and could have easily had her parents killed. But yet, here she is. How did you feel when your parents died?"

Pierce was devastated that his parents died when he first found out. He was thrown into a deep depression for a year. He decided when he first found out that he was never going to love again, but after that year was when he was going to get revenge.

"There's no need to be this big, mean monster you try to put yourself as. It's time for you to be a good guy." Genevieve said and reached out for Cordelia's hand. Cordelia hesitantly placed her hand in Genevieve's and Genevieve pulled her closer to Pierce. "If you really don't want her to be here. Look her in the eye and reject her." Genevieve told him sternly. Pierce looked into Cordelia's eyes and opened his mouth to say the words. But they wouldn't form. Nothing came out. Not a sound. He eventually sighed and diverted Cordelia's eyes. "That's what I thought." Genevieve said.

Genevieve looked at Cordelia. "Do you want to reject him?" She asked her. Cordelia shook her head no. "As much of an asshole he is, I don't want to." Cordelia said quietly. "I want to work with you, Pierce. I get that you're not into the whole loving thing. But I know you can." Cordelia told Pierce and grabbed his hand.

He looked back up at Cordelia and lightly squeezed her hand. "I'm willing to try." He said and gave a small smile. Cordelia nodded and smiled too. "I am too."

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