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It had been three days since Cordelia's mother tried taking Cordelia back and Lowell and Annabelle joined Pierce's pack. Pierce didn't care if Cordelia and Annabelle was there because they've been there for the last week. But Lowell was a different story. He didn't like him. He disliked him more than he disliked Cordelia. And he disliked Cordelia quite a lot.

Cordelia hung out in Pierce's room while Lowell and Annabelle were in a guest room in the pack house. She didn't want to sit in Pierce's office just watching him type away at his small little laptop and she didn't want to be in the same room as Lowell and Annabelle. Even though they are her best friends, they haven't seen each other in almost a week. So they'd be just sitting there, cuddling and kissing. And she didn't want to see that.

Cordelia rolled onto her stomach and sighed. She was bored, having nothing to do. Granted this is what she did at her old home; just to lounge around her bedroom. But being somewhere new made it feel like she had nothing to do. When in reality, there was probably something for her to do, she just didn't know where everything was.

"There you are. Thought you'd be up my ass by the time you woke up." Pierce said as he leaned against the door frame. Cordelia shrugged and rolled over onto her back. "I thought watching you make calls and type away would be boring. And I didn't wanna watch the PDA Lowell and Anna are doing. So." She said and shrugged again. "Being in here was the next best option."

Pierce sat down next to her on the bed. "You like to annoy me anyways. So why not just watch me "make calls and type away"." Pierce said and put the last part of the sentence in air quotations. Cordelia slapped him on the arm and whined. Pierce laughed. "Ha ha. You're so hilarious." Cordelia sighed and sat up. "And handsome. You forgot handsome." Pierce replied with a smirk. "Asshole is more like it."

Pierce rolled his eyes. "Asshole or not. You have to admit. I am handsome." He told her. Cordelia looked up at him. Honestly, she did think he was handsome. But she thought it would go to his head. She giggled. "Whatever." She said.

Pierce looked down at Cordelia. His felt his heart tug. His walls were breaking with every passing moment. It was a weird feeling to him. Loving someone was difficult but somehow, she was making him love her.

Cordelia was still extremely upset with the man in front of her. She still saw him as an asshole and a mean person. But yet, at the same time, she couldn't help feel something for him. Something along the lines of love. She knew he was trying to change but yet she could see that he was still holding up his walls. He was trying to shy away from love and just keep to himself.

"Pierce?" She said more of a question. He raised his eyebrow at her. "Ya?" He asked. She leaned in and lightly planted her lips on his. It was a soft kiss and not forceful. Pierce set his hand on her cheek and deepened the kiss. But as he started to, he pulled away. He felt like she was just doing that to break his walls then leave him.

"Out." Pierce said and turned away from her. "What?" Cordelia asked. Pierce looked over his shoulder. "Go get your friends and leave. Go back to your pack. I want the three of you gone by tonight." He said extremely calm. He then left the room and out of the pack house.

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