CHP. 02 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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Su Tang sat on the ground crying, shoulders moving up and down, looking like he had suffered great injustice, at the moment he was naked, porcelain white skin fully exposed, because crying prevents air from going down, so much so that suppressing it turned the whole body red, undoubtedly feeling wronged is out of the question, unexpectedly it brought a touch of color. Truly an amorous delicacy.

Just like being bullied.

Ling Si's mouth dried, with a slightly opened face, wanted to take his hand away, but he just needed to move a little, and he can feel the other's soft buttocks.

Have to say, that Su Tang's buttocks are incredibly soft, touching it once leads to an addiction, makes you want to touch it a second time.

Ling Si's mouth moved up and down, cursing his obsessiveness, chanted to clear the mind, then rose his head to look back at Su Tang's large grievance filled eyes.

Su Tang grew up well, his facial structure is delicate, especially the pair of big watery eyes, just staring at people, will immediately turn people soft.

Ling Si is also the same, he now hides in his chest a little fox, beating with a pēng pēng pēng, but it doesn't end there.

( Note: pēng pēng pēng = the sound a heart makes when beating)

Su Tang looked at him for two seconds, the tears intermittently fell down again, truly too pitiful, Ling Si's heart for no reason stirred up a little pity, he almost couldn't hold back from petting his hair.

"Uhh ... ..." Su Tang also hiccuped.

System could not help but say: "Little ancestor, first don't cry, the task is important, I just detected, the female protagonist heard the noise earlier and ran away."

The female protagonist ran away? Su Tang began to cry even louder after hearing this.

"I'm sorry, I want to apologize to you." Ling Si quickly said.

" Is it useful to apologize, you already saw everything, wu, wu, wu ......" Su Tang, just thinking about it, his heart felt extremely aggrieved, the female protagonist ran away, the male protagonist will also never meet the female protagonist, the goal for the two people to fall in love at first sight fell apart, his task was ruined.

( Note: wu wu wu = crying sounds)

Not only that he also fell down again, his entire body hurt like hell, now shifting back into a fox is impossible, the clothes also won't appear, sitting nakedly in this shame, has there ever been a villain like him, he doesn't want to do this anymore, he wanted to go home.

As soon as he thought about this, he felt something under his butt, he looked down, only to react when he realized he was sitting on the male protagonist's hand.

"You, you, you rogue! Why aren't you taking it out!" Su Tang immediately jumped up, his face red as an apple, followed by the neck, arms and legs all turning red.

Ling Si quickly withdrew his hand, seeing Su Tang's still naked, he immediately wanted to take off his own clothes, Su Tang was shocked, he wanted to run backwards.

Finished, this male protagonist is a pervert, he thinks he himself looks good, then indecently molest himself.

( Note: molest himself = masturbate?)

Su Tang ran two steps then did not run anymore, his feet hurts, wasn't able to run at all, finally decided to hide behind the stone, nervously watching Ling Si.

"I'm sorry, perhaps you misunderstood, I saw you ... ... You don't have clothes to wear, so I wanted to first let you wear mine." Ling Si embarrassedly took his robe off, and handed it to Su Tang.

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