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Preface: After finishing up MDB (thank you for the love and support, sweet fans and readers!), this was unfinished from my vault of stories, and I had a bunch of old and new ideas to finally complete it. Here it is, Chasing Possibility. It's under the category "teen fiction/humor" but, there's romance! I am a sucker for romantic stories after all.

NOTE: Even though his name is Elliot, his nickname "Eli" is pronounced E-LIE, not EL-LEE. 



Chasing Possibility 

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Eli Wesley - O N E


 This, by far, was the stupidest day of my life. Not again.

 "Cheer up, Eli! Haley is just another girl lost at sea."

That's one of my best friends, Preston Daniels. That smirk wearing joker was trying to bring up my mood, but it just wouldn't work. Not this time.

We both sat in Chaplin's Diner, a local and our favorite food joint. I sighed out of frustration in reply. It has been three months since my girlfriend, I mean ex-girlfriend, dumped me. If I had to recall Haley Jones' very words: I think we should start seeing other people.

It just had to be before summer vacation started — where I thought we'd be spending time together after being apart because of college.

 She broke up with me for that guy everyone's been talking about.

 Landon Clarke.

 Scrunching up an innocent napkin into a ball, I threw it across the bar counter a little too harsh, making it drop to the other side. Betty, the longest hired worker here, noticed my doings. She picked it up, placing it right back in front of me. Betty wasn't a mean person at all — she's actually a very nice lady, and she already knew something was up.

 Betty raised an eyebrow out of curiosity. Her lips lifted into a smile, making her wrinkles appear. "I never see you boys here unless you have smiles on your faces. What's going on?"

 You would think I would be the one to swallow my pride and tell her. Instead, Preston decided to open his big mouth and blab away.

 Preston ran his fingers to fix his golden brown hair styled up. He announced through a carefree tone, "Funny thing, Betty... but Eli here tried to get his girlfriend back but failed yet again."

 The worst thing I could possibly do to Preston right now was kick him — he should be happy I see him as a trustworthy friend.

 Still, I hated how desperate I sounded due to Preston's words. I just thought that if I went back to Haley and asked for another chance, we'd be back together. It was easy in my head. I haven't even done anything wrong! Yet her hazel eyes were only set for Landon Clarke.

 This would be my — never mind, I'm not even going to mention how many attempts it has been.

 Betty gave us an amused expression before sliding two cups of iced Coca-Cola on the house. It was perfect for this hot summer day and the anger boiling inside of me.

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