Elysia Wright

"I know if you don't go take that off Meagan."  I laughed

She came into my room with them ugly behind eyebrows they started doing with the waves

"You don't think it fit me?" She turned to look in my mirror

"No the shit is ugly best friend " I put my laptop and got up

"What you doing ?"

"About to do you a favor" I grabbed my makeup wipes taking one out

"Wait let me take a selfie " she reached for her phone

"Uh uh I'm not even going to let you embarrass yourself like that " I wiped her eyebrows off

"Guess who going out tonight" she danced

"My best friend got a date yass " I smiled

"It ain't like that we just hanging "

"Whatever where y'all going ?"

"He didn't say"

"Well how you suppose to dress ? " I through the wipe in the mini trash can

"Hmm I don't know I'm just going to find some and try not to do the most"

"You right try because you always got to be extra" I shook my head " anyways let me help you pick some out"

"Come on" I followed her into her room

"All these fashion nova outfits they might as well sponsor you" I said looking through her clothes

"Hell I wish then I wouldn't be wasting my money" she laughed

"What time he coming " I asked

"In a few hours"

"Well you better go ahead and start getting ready" I laid the outfit on the bed I had picked out

"Thank you" she went into the bathroom and I went back to my room

Soon as I picked up my mac book my boy best friend Sean called me

"What's up Mami" He smiled

"Hey Sean"

"I miss you " he huffed

"It's only been five days not even a whole week yet" I smiled

"I didn't ask you to count the days and don't act like you don't miss me either " he said

I laughed " I do miss you"

"You better so how is California "

"It's nice I love it we went looking around a couple days ago"

"Where Meagan"

"She in her room getting dressed "

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