give it all pt. 1

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I shuffled anxiously towards my locker, arching my back slightly, physically warding myself off from the rest of my school. I usually go unnoticed, until some stupid jock spots me, and then makes a big deal about it.  

I'm not made fun uf because I'm ugly. Personally, I think I'm maybe around average. I have brown hair, not too dark, not too light. I have deep emerald green eyes, which were framed by thick lashes. My lips were a soft pink, and complimented my light-tan skin tone, which had a few brown freckles around the corners of my eyes, and a few on my cheek bones. I had an average body, I guess you could say. But it was what I /put/ on my body that got me made fun of. 

As a junior at Southbridge High School, the prestigious home to the pompy football team and gorgeous cheerleaders, I was the only girl who wore skinny jeans and band tees daily.  

I did it because it was me. I'm a shy person, but I'm not ready to go and turn into a stereotypical cheerleader like everyone else in my school. I was always the outcast. With barely-there parents, and no siblings, I lived my life mostly in a silent solitude I had grown to come accustomed to.  

Well, I opened my locker and shoved my books into my backpack, avoiding eye contact with anyone who came near me. 

Unfortunately, my efforts weren't enough to keep the hugest jerk, Nathan, decided that right now I was vulnerable enough for him to have the perfect oppurtunity to taunt me. 

Just freakin' dandy. 

"Well look, if it isn't Kylie Madison!" 

"Um, it's Kali.." I murmured, afraid that if I said anything wrong, he wouldn't leave me alone. 

"Same thing. Why do you even go here? You don't fit in, like, at all. You're sucha loser." he smirked. I could feel the threat of tears at the back of my eyes, a fire burning and sticking itself in my throat, leaving me speechless for a few seconds. 

"Well, it's not like you'd fit in anywhere else. I mean, who wants an emo kid like you? You know, you really should kill yourself. Just get it over with." 

I just gulped. I hung my head low, hoping he would stop his assaults. They hit me hard, seeing as I had no one to sorta even out the bad with good.  

Thankfully, he did, shoving me against my locker and scoffing at my miserable state. 

He walked away, calling me names under his breath. I didn't care if school wasn't over yet. I had to get away, from this school, from this feeling, from Nathan, from everything. I needed an escape. 

I needed something to happen to change this damn position I'm in. 


I opened the door to my house and pulled the keys out before slamming the door, tossing my backpack at the nearest wall with a growl of exasperation and sadness. I just wanted someone to be here to take care of me, to tell me that nothing they were saying was true, to wipe my nears. But no one came to my rescue. No one ever did, no matter how hard I wished.  

Looking around at my house, I sighed. My parents were never home. I was given plenty of food in the fridge and enough money to buy more if the need be, and nothing else. I was lucky if I got a hug before they left. 

They were fashion designers. My parents. They were always going somewhere. trying to catch up with all the latest trends, to find what was "in." 

I would have fit in perfectly at my school if I were at all like them.  

Since no one was ever home, there was hardly any furniture. The microwave, oven, and refrigerator were requests from me. There was a living room, completely stocked with a small couch and at relatively small flat screen TV on a wall mount.