Chapter Twelve: New Team

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Lucy's POV
I paced around my room, my anxiousness getting worse and worse. What do I do now? I clenched and unclenched my teeth. I can't go back to the guild... Lisanna knows... she's gonna tell everyone...

I screamed and punched the wall, hard. The wall broke and I'm left with a gaping hole.

"Time ark: Restore," I muttered, and the wall was whole once again. I wish I could just restore my whole life. 

Stupid Lisanna and Natsu... stupid life...

The only option I could think of was to leave again. There's no way I would ever be welcomed into that guild hall after what I said. Not that I was ever welcomed in the first place.

"Open, gate of the maiden, Virgo!"

The pink-haired celestial spirit pops out and I tell her to start packing again.

In a few minutes, she has everything sent away into the celestial world and I bid her goodbye.

I leave 100,000 Jewel for the landlady explaining that I had urgent business to attend to and that I wouldn't be coming back.

Spritzing on more of my scent concealing perfume, I head out the door.

"Oiii~" A voice calls out.

I turn around and see the boatman rowing by.

"Where are you going?" He asks.

I smile at him. "I'll be leaving town for a while." Maybe forever.

"Hope you have a safe trip!" He replies and rows away.

I stay in the same spot for a few minutes, enjoying the view of the sunset.

I never knew a sunset could be so captivating.


A cloaked person rams into my back and I hit the ground headfirst.

All I can see is black and I felt a throbbing pain on my nose.

"Ohmygoshhhh! I'm so sorry!" The person holds a hand out to help me up.

I grasp it gratefully. "Thank you."

My left knee stings from the fall and I look down to see blood trickling down.  

His eyes widen in shock and he points to my nose. "I-It's bleeding..."

I gingerly touch my nose. Of course it has to break. Activating my healing powers, the pain vanishes within a second.

"WH-WHAAAA?!!!" He exclaims, watching as the already-forming bruise instantly disappears. "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?"

I smile softly. "Magic."

He removes his hood and light blue hair tumbles out. His wide eyes were ocean blue. "I'm a mage too, but I've never seen magic like that before!!"

He grins holds out a hand. "My name's Ryu."

I hesitantly shake it. "Celeste."

But before I could release his hand, he grabs mine harder a sprints towards an alley.

"I've got to introduce you to my friends! They would flip out if they saw your magic!!"

His face held a contagious smile and I couldn't help but compare it to Natsu's.

Wait... Natsu?? Lucy you idiot, you're over him already! Think revenge, happy thoughts, killing, happy thoughts...

"Crystallll!" Ryuu's voice cut into my daydreams. "C'mere! I found a potential candidate!!"

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