The Beginning Of Relization

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Time To Go Back To School After Spring Break.  

Early Monday morning I woke up, like any other day of my doubled life, at 6:30 am. My phone making quacking sounds to wake me up, everybody I know thinks its weird that my alarm sound is the sound of a duck. I on the other hand think it’s... Unique. But it can get annoying, when it does I switch it to a cow sound. I can't help it, the sounds just so... I don't know, I can't explain it. I tend to get off topic at times because I have a very tiny case of ADD.  

Anyway I get off my bed and start the day with everyone's daily routine, use the toilet and brush my teeth. After I took a nice steaming shower to relax my muscles. Time to get ready for school! I straighten my wavy brown hair, put on some black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt that says "LONDON" across my chest in blue and red colors and hugged my body perfectly. I found my metal chain and clipped it in the strap on my pants where you put your belt. I put on my black converse and apply some eyeliner on the top and bottom, I grabbed my bag off my door handle and go down stairs and see if my parents are home. Surprisingly they were home, actually only my mom was home, I didn't see my dad any where around.

My mom saw me and decides to talk "Honey, its still early want some breakfast?" I glanced at the clock and it read 7:50. Hmm I actually am quite early today I'm usually not done until 8:20.  

But I didn't take my moms offer "Um mom could you stop calling me honey and just say my name? And no thank you I'll just grab a pop tart and head over to kristian's house." Knowing what my mom would say I added "Mom we're just friends nothing more and nothing less. He will always just be that way. Okay? So don't start lecturing about how boys get in the way of my job."  

My mom huffed and replied "Okay Okay, and I'm your mother I should be able to call you honey."  

My mom always kind of ticked me off with that. "May I remind you, you are not my real mother."  

She gave me a glare "We are not having this little conversation again."  

I said a simple "Alright" and walked out the door.

As I walked to my mailbox I realized I forgot to grab a damn pop tart. I grunted and open my mailbox to see if there was anything for me, and as usual there was. A box that said "To: Amanda Lightwood. From: Lace Factory." I never knew why my job always sent me mail and said it was from some weird factory or company. The Box wasn't big, only about the size of some sunglasses, so I put it in my bag and went to the tree that's in my front yard and pulled on a fake branch and a hole in the tree opened, revealing my secret stash of pop tarts! I don't worry about bugs or anything because the tree is a special techno tree and no bug are on it or anything and the weather doesn't affect it. I grabbed two pop tarts and let go of the branch so the hole closes. Then walk next door to get my most bestest friend.

I got the key from under their garden gnome and unlock the door to his house and walk in to find my best friend lying on the floor in front of me. I walked out, put the key back under the gnome and shove my pop tarts into my school bag. Came back in and walked around his body and into the kitchen and of course looked through his fridge. I accompanied myself to some strawberry milk and drank for the bottle.  

Then after a minute Kristian gets up and closes the door "You should close door, you know?"  

I looked at him "Why? Nothing bad can happen."  

"Yes there is, what if some crazy animal or mad man rushed in and injured me or killed me!! What Then? Would You Come To My Funeral Amanda?!" he said crazily with some fear in his voice.  

I gave him a confused look with my brow. "Since when did that start concerning you? And what hell were you doing on the floor?"  

"Ugh!" was all he said. Then after another minute of silence fesses up. "I watched some fuckin movie last night with Derik."  

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