Chapter ten

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++5 years later++

I sat quietly as my husband worked on his documents. Documents only high personnel could read. Unfortunately, despite being married to him for 4 years, I was still not worthy of that title yet.

"Would you like tea dear?"

He nodded his head and I made my way out of his study. My dress gently cascading behind me as I glided down the Halls of the castle.

I tucked a small ringlets of my hair behind my ear. The bun hurting my temples, but no one should know that. No one should concern themselves with me, and my troubles. I would endure it until bed.

I silently opened the door to the kitchen and grabbed a silver platter. I set it on the wooden counter before proceeding to grab the teapot and two teacups. The fine China making small noises as I placed them on the platter. I went to the pump and produced enough water to make tea.

I navigated my way around the many herbs and spices in the cupboard, finding the dried tea leaves and placing them on the platter as well.

I held in the platter in front of me as I walked down the desolate Halls of the castle. No servants ever crossed my paths due to an order by the king.

The servants were to be only in my presence when I requested.

I never requested. Why make someone else do something I was perfectly capable of doing.

I silently closed the study door behind me as I made my way towards the middle of the room. I placed the platter on the desk and placed the tea leaves in the cups, pouring the warm water until it was midway.

"Flower come here please."

I nodded and picked my dress up as I slid behind my husband.

I placed my slender hands on his shoulders and squeezed slightly before releasing.

"Yes dear?"

My small voice barely audible in the quiet room.

"When will you be ready? It's been four years. You said you needed time. I've given years. I just want to know when you'll be ready."

I slowly breathed in. We were on the intercourse discussion again. It was true he had given me time. Never rushing or pushing me. I needed to give him an answer.

"Whenever you feel need, I am ready."

He abruptly stood from his chair, my dainty hands falling from his shoulders to his chest as he turned to face me.

He caressed the side of my face as the small tendril of hair fell again.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded and his lips descending upon mine.

I slowly melted into the kiss. His lips felt so perfectly against mine. His arms trapping my small waist against his muscled frame.

"I love you Gene."

I smiled, my teeth slightly showing.

"I love you too Alexander."

He smiled and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes as his kiss calmed my tense demeanor.

Over the years I had gotten to know Alex. The first impression I got from him was far from how he really is. I was blinded by fear and hatred, I didn't see how caring he is and how much time he went behind to pay attention to me.

The second week I never saw him, he was swamped in the work he was supposed to do the week I arrived.

He was stressed, tension lines on his forehead. He was working hard to catch up.

I noticed that after my mother died he didn't joke around with me, whether it be work or if he thought I would have a breakdown I didn't know, although, we still had our playful moments. Not many saw them except Elizabeth.

I kissed his chin, as I couldn't reach his cheek and went to my seat by the window.

I heard his faint chuckle as he returned to his work.

I always kissed his chin. I was 5'6 while he was 6'1. I could never reach past his neck or chin.

I watched as the servants children ran around the servant grounds.

I liked watching children, they were so careless and free. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. So I could run free.

I wanted adventure. I think Alex knew it too. He offers to take me places, sometimes far away places. He says everyone wants to see the queen of Tera.

I have never been around his colleagues, none except the harsh general who first delivered me.

I was tired of the palace. I needed to go somewhere.

"Alex do you think I could visit the town, I haven't been out in a while. As you have said many times, the people have never seen their queen."

I turned to see my husband, his jaw open as he stared at me. The quill in his hand slack.

"O-of course you can visit the townspeople. Take hours if you need. This is your first time seeing them. Make friends."

I smiled as he stumbled over his words.

"I'll get Elizabeth."

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