Chapter One:My Lifee As A New Mommy Sequal

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Chapter One:My Life As A New Mommy

Sequal:Mommy's Marryinq My Boyfriend. . .

By:Candace Breann


Rachel's Pov

It was our first night staying in the apartment. Danny went out to go rent a movie for us to watch,which left me alone. I wanna suprise him and get all dolled up for him. I curled my long brown hair and left falling down my back. I decieded not to wear any make up. Danny likes it when I don't. I slipped on my black teddy,his favorite. I looked in the mirror. I looked kinda slutty but I didn't care. Danny was the only one who was gonna see me like this.

I heard the door open and I knew it was Danny.

'''Hey babe,I rented Alice in the Wonderland. Looks kinda creepy if you ask me. And ToothFairy. I heard it's funny.'' He ranted.

I got the satisfaction as I saw his jaw drop when he looked at me. The movies fell out of his hand and he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. I felt his tongue wrestle with mine. He picked me up and sat me down on the kitchen counter. I gripped his shoulders and he sucked on my neck.

Danny slipped the teddy off of me and let it hit the marble floor. I was completely naked. I pulled his shirt off of him and ran my hands down his chiseled,muscular chest to the button of his jeans.

Danny's Pov

The moment I started to run my tongue over her nipple,I heard her moan. Hearing the sound,made my dick rise higher. I opened her legs and entered her slowly at first. I kissed her lips with all the love and passion I had for her in my heart. Her hands were on my back,pressing me to her lickable body.

I started doing longer and faster strokes. My name bounced off the walls. Rachel wrapped her legs around my waist, I went deeper into her. She let a cry of pleasure out. We climaxed together,causing us to moan at the same time. My forehead touched hers,''Oh god,Rach.'' I said breathlessly. She kissed me and I kissed her back with everything I had. My hands gripped her thieghs,we still hadn't seperated.


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