{Ali's Pov}

*The type of girl you wanna chew all of my bubble gum I'm the type of girl you wanna take to yo momma house*

I groaned as I heard my obnoxious but catchy alarm go off to signal the start of "Move In" day at Wright Oliver Learning Facility, also known as Wolf. Ironic, huh. If you don't already know lets skip the bs. I am a werewolf. Yes. Mythical? Let's just say nothings mythical about me when I'm ripping your head off. Some call me Ali but to many I go by Alpha Ken. Yes I am a female alpha, the best in the country. And I take orders from no one. I'm 18 and still mateless, and I'm not gonna lie it would be nice to have someone to help share this burden. But hey what are you gonna do.

As I rolled over to get out of bed I saw I had a new text message from my best friend Jake. I've known Jake for as long as I can remember but aside from being my best friend he's my guardian ..... and maybe my ex-boyfriend. But before you bite my head off for being so cliche Jake was the only guy around since he has been my guardian since birth; he would always be there to scare the boys away and so me and him tried to date when I was 16 . We only lasted about a week due to my awkwardness about the whole love you like a brother feelings I had ; but that didn't seem to stop him from liking me. Whoa lot of info in just like a few sentences huh? Anyway back to the text:

Jake and the Never Land Pirates:

wake your lazy ass up Ali before I come in there and make you a demonstration of the Ice Bucket Challenge





"Alright I'm Up I'm Up!!" I yell loud enough for him to hear me from down the hall.

I got up and ran past all the brown cardboard boxes and into my bathroom. I hopped in and out of the shower, brushed my teeth and tried to do something with these curls.. ughh #mixedchickproblems I decided on a natural curly bun. I only had one outfit left since everything was packed away and that was just a red and black open flannel, black bandeau, blue jean short shorts, and my Air Jordan 11 Retro - Black / Varsity Red. I may or not be secretly obsessed with basketball shoes, but only because I play. As soon as I was done I heard my mom calling me to come down for breakfast through the mind link. I opened my door at the same time Jake did so we just walked down together. The whole portion of my pack that was my age were all down sitting at the table stuffing their faces. As I made myself known everyone looked up.

"Good Morning Alpha Ken." said my pack and soon to be classmates.

"Good Morning to all of you, please return to your breakfast so we can make our way to W.O.L.F soon." I said with a smile

I saw numerous nods of understanding and soon everyone was finishing up. I went around to the other side of the kitchen to see my parents looking at me proudly. My mom was the first to pull me into a hug.

"Ohh my baby is going off to college and leaving us!" my mom whined

"Mom not in front of the pack pleaseeee!!!" I whispered in slight annoyance, but I love my mom to death and the pack is used to her mama bear antics by now.

"Shelly, please get off of our babygirl before you start crying." I hear my dad chime in from behind.

As soon as my mom let me go I was pulled into my fathers arms!

"Ohh my baby is going off to college and leaving us!" my dad shouted mocking my mom. Which earned him a slap on the back of the head.

I, as well as many other pack members, were laughing watching my parents interact; after 22 years they're still very much in love. I grabbed a banana and told everyone to get their boxes, say their goodbyes, and get a move on.

*an hour later*

As all 40 cars pulled up behind my own we all started unloading with excitement to find our dorms. Apparently, all the dorms were co-ed but we were all okay with that since that was really how we grew up.

All of my pack was in this dorm building which worked out very convenient for all of us. We all said goodbye to our parents and then everyone went their separate ways; most likely to unpack. We did not have roommates which I was thankful for!.

A couple hours later I was done unpacking and wanted lunch, so I called Jake and told him to meet me in my dorm... his was right next door so it took literally 2.4 seconds. We decided to make a chipotle run... an actual run. Jake and I got outside the doors and shifted, we weren't the only ones running around in our wolf form. My wolf was pitch black with a gray diamond pattern over my eye, while Jake was a brown sandy colored wolf. We reached Chipotle, shifted back, and changed into our spare clothes we brought. After we ordered our chicken and steak burritos Jake had to use the bathroom, so I was left alone balancing the tray. I turned around and bumped into a hard wall of meat, I watched in horror as my burrito fell to the ground. I looked up ready to bury my claws in whoever made me drop my burrito.

"Watch where the f*ck you're......" I started but as soon as I made eye contact my wolf Nyla was shouting!


Next thing I knew I was jumping forward and kissing my mate making sure everyone who was watching knew he was mine. I felt my mate stiffen in my grasp until his wolf was communicating with mine recognizing us as their mate. He was soon kissing back until I was ripped away from him....


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