Chapter 3: Coincidence?

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Jennie's Pov

"-Nie"  A voice was softly heard.

"Eonnie~ Ireona......" (Ireona-wake up) This time a hand was shaking me. Instead of waking up, I just held the hand and hugged whoever wakes me up.

"Yah Jendeukie! Wake up!!!!!!" Another voice was hear that snapped me out of my dream. I quickly sat up and faced the two who woke me up.

"Dress up quickly Jendukie! We're 10 minutes late!! Ppali!"  Jisoo said and pushed me to the shower.

Since I am in a hurry, I took 120 seconds to shower. I dressed in less than 3 minutes then dashed downstairs to see them.

"Jennie! Ppali!" Rosè shouted since they were on the car already and our  manager is getting impatient.

I ran to the car and instantly the car rode down the road. Suddenly, my stomach grumbled. It's no surprise since I didn't eat breakfast today.

"Jennie, here. I know you didn't eat breakfast so just eat it here." Lisa said and handled me a sandwich and cup of coffee. (The coffee that you take out on various establishments)

Without saying thank you, I ate whatever she gave me and they all were amused at my actions.

Moments later, we arrived at YG building and we then proceeded to practice for our new song.

I was sweating so much for the past 2 hours of dancing. So when our choreographer said we had a 30 minute break I immediately slumped on the floor, obviously tired.

Suddenly, the door opened, revealing a bunch of police. Wait-what? I stood up and faced to bow them and they did bow back.

"Annyeonghaseyo. We are inviting you to the police station Ms. Kim. We are asking for your cooperation for the investigation of the drug scandal you had at the airport." The police said making me widen my eyes. Mwo?

"You can always say no, Jennie." I heard Jisoo whisper to me and hug me.

"You should go, Jennie. So it'll be over soon." Our choreographer said. I got out of Jisoo's grip and the police guided me outside.

As soon as I stepped out of the building, I was greeted by lots of flashes from Reporter's cameras which irritated me on the highest level.

But since I'm an idol, I have to stay calm and prevent myself to shout at these dumb and stupid reporters. They don't even know the full story.

As soon as possible, I was brought back to the police station and was led to a room with cameras.

I didn't say anything since I'm sleepy and tired. I just danced for 2 hours straight then here I am being intrigued by questions.

"Jennie-ssi! We seriously need you to cooperate if you don't want to be imprisoned!" The interviewer asked me. 

"I'm tired. Please, let's just continue tomorrow."

"*sigh* Okay fine. If we don't find any other susupect, your the one to blame." The police said. What is their problem? Can't they see I'm innocent? Are they blind?

For the next days, I feel that I'm being depressed. The media wants to destroy me. I can't find time to go to practice. I spent the majority of my time here in the police station.

When I got to our dorm, I just locked myself on my room. I didn't try to eat, the food disgusts me. The three tries to get me out of my room and they try to uplift my mood but it doesn't seem to work.

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