I fell in love with my gay bestfriend. Now i'm pregnant with his child!

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My name is Abby and I'm going to tell you a story of me loving two guys and I get pregnant by one, but I don't know which one.

During middle school and freshman year of high school I was fat. My nick name was fatty Abby. Now I'm a size 12 and proud of it. Don't get me wrong I have those days that I'm self conscious of my appearance. I have a secret when I was fourteen my father raped me. I told my uncle who is a cop. I asked my uncle to make him disappear, not kill him, but make him go away and he did, but I still love my father for some reason. I didn't want my mom to know because it would have broken her heart.

    My life has gone on. I have a thing for two football players who happen to be my best friends. Tommy is my next door neighbor and he introduce me to the football team freshmen year and ever since they been my friends. We hang out every day and I'm their own personal cheer leader for every thing. Tommy is also quite, he keeps to himself like he has a secret to hide. He also kind, but has a temper. When he gets mad he goes into his own little world. He get really scary when he is mad.

  The other guy is Erick. He's funny, shy sometimes, fun to be with, he is also kind to others, oh and he is bi with can be fun if you think about it ;)

  It was a Monday when my life started to change. Carrageen asked me to ask Mike if he wanted to go out with her. I said sure. That day I wasn't in the mood to be messed with because I felt self conscious and the guys knew that so they left me alone. I walked up to Mike. He was talking to the guys.

"Hey Mike." he turned to look at me.

"My friend was wondering if you wanted to go out with her?" I was fiddling with my fingers. For some reason I was nervous.

"Ewe are you fucking kidding me. Your fat and ugly." the guys all stopped talking.

"Well then I'll go tell Carrageen." I pointed to her.

"The tall, blue eye, blond hail, great smile, skinny, funny girl, you said no." I turned to walk towards her.

"Wait!" he grabbed my arm.

"Okay I'll say you said yes." he gripped my arm tighter.

"Let me go." I turned to him. He dug his nails into my arm. I flinched. He leaned in and whispered.

"You will always be fatty Abby to me. I don't see what the guys see in you. Maybe they feel sorry for you. Even if you were the last girl on earth I wouldn't fuck you, but your friend Carrageen over there I wouldn't mind tying  her up and raping her. Hearing her scream for help telling me to please stop. While you are tied up watching us. Seeing her in pain not doing anything to help her." he laughed. I couldn't take it any more. I ripped my arm away from his grip. I knee him in the balls and kneed him in the face. Braking his nose in the process.

"You fucking stay away form us you hear me! Stay away!" Tommy and Dustin grabbed me. I tried getting away but they were holding me tight.

"You crazy bitch!" there was blood running down his face.

"Abby calm down." Tommy said

"I'm crazy! Come on Mike tell your buddies what you just told me." he looked stunned.

"Come on tell them!" I yelled

"That is enough! Miss Parker and Mr. Garson in my office right now!" Dustin and Tommy both let me go.

   I was sitting in the principle office while Mike was in the nurse office.

"What happened today. This isn't like you Miss. Parker." I told Mr. Sign what Mike told me.

"Oh my. Well your still in trouble for fighting."

"Yes I know. How long am I suspended?"

"Well you never been in trouble, you get straight A's. I'll give you three days. Starting today."

"Thank you." I walked out of his office to find Mike sitting in a chair. There was blood on his shirt and his nose was beginning to swell. I texted Tommy.

"Hey, I got suspended. I'm going home."

"Wait until the bell rings and I'll take you home."

"I don't want to get you into trouble. I'll see you when you get home."

"Are you sure? I have practice after school."

"Isn't there a game?"

"No. Be safe."

"Yeah, okay." After a 20 min walk. I realized I forgot my keys in Tommy's car. I texted Tommy.

"Hey Tom can I stay in your house I forgot my keys."


"Thanks." I grabbed the spare key from under the flower pot and walked in.

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