Monday Evening, Italy

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When I saw the three standing on the balcony, part of me was not surprised. The rest of me, on the other hand, was ready to ... okay no, let's not talk about what I was ready to do. I didn't really care about them talking, but I did hear when Dark yelled for me to back away. I side stepped the chair and took a couple steps back. I felt a flash of worry FOR Dark, even though I knew he was alright.

What? I worry about anyone I know long enough.

Which reminds me I don't know much about him.

Why does my mind do this to me?

Anyhoo, I finally decided to join the world when I saw Dark looking at me. He had blood on his face, and his nose looked like it was starting to swell. Walking over, I ask, my eyebrows magically raising on their own, "Doesn't that hurt?"
He seemed to finally notice he was hurt, then sniffed. "No."
"That's a lie, stalker." I smiled slightly, ready to shock him.
"Oh, so I'm stalker now?"
"Yes, I had looked on my phone camera, and it caught you on VIDEO!"
I shot, smile turning into a grin.
Staring at him, even though he had blood on his face, and I barely knew him, AND he's stalked me, I wanted to kiss him. I started leaning towards him, and noticed him doing the same.

Then suddenly-


I tensed up, but once I felt no immediate pain, I looked back up at Dark.

And promptly screamed.

A small hole had appeared where one of his eyes was. The other was just blankly staring, then he fell to the ground.


How when what why what happened how how how-

I stopped, and held up my wrist. The mark... was disappearing. "No, god no please don't do this to me world, I care about a person yet you KILL them what?" I felt tears pricking at my eyes.

Then I stared over, at where Wilford had a triumphant smile. "You will be mine, pretty girl."

I walk over, and with one sneakered foot, kicked him promptly where the sun don't shine, and probably don't even WANNA.

He hissed, closing his legs too late. Years too late, buddy. Slut.

I spotted his gun, and now with no emotion, I pick it up, take two steps back, and mutter. "Look at me."

He looked up instantly, and his eyes widened. "What, please don't do this, (Y/N), please-"

I fired.


Everything was bits and pieces after that.

Dropping the gun.

Tears falling.

Giving Dark the kiss he deserved to have.

Pulled away by Google.

Leaving the mansion, flames licking up the sides, hungrily eating up the wood.

Getting on a plane.

Seeing Kat waiting for me.

Going home, but before that, bidding goodbye to Mark and Google.

Never watching YouTube again.

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