Promises She Can Keep

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I opened my eyes to see the pillow beside me layered with long wavy dark brown hair. I wasn't sure whether she was awake as she was facing away from me so I kissed her creamy smooth shoulder, watching as her body shuddered, signaling that she wasn't sleeping.

She turned, not speaking and instead just lifting a hand up to knot into my hair, massaging my head with an earnest looking face.

I loved that I could wake up and she looked the same as she had last night which was different to the women I'd dated before Indie.

I'd wake up and the pillow would be caked in makeup, the woman wouldn't look a thing like she had last night and frankly that wasn't attractive at all. Indie had told me that makeup was invented by men to make women feel ugly without it when I'd asked why she didn't like wearing it.

That was a fair point really. Some of my friends had never seen their girlfriends without the makeup, which I found baffling.

I'd proposed to her properly two months after we first got together last year, this time while sober and we got married again in Fiji, thankfully the press didn't ambush it as we'd gone under fake names at the hotel.

It had been tiny, as in only Teagan, Mitch, his parents, her aunt and uncle with her cousin and my parents were there.

She'd only agreed to take my name if I did the same, and after endless arguments over it she was now Indigo Bradley-Wilson and my mail came with Preston Bradley-Wilson on it except for business.

Since Indie wore the trousers in our marriage, I hadn't put up much of a fight since I just wanted her to take my name. As Chris would say, I was well and truly whipped and for once I didn't care.

''Morning baby'' I said, leaning down to kiss her nose. Turning to check the time on her clock, I found out that I only had twenty minutes until my car came to take me back to LA. I'd be there by lunch.

The constant flights to and from Phoenix and LA were tiring but worth it to spend time with Indie and Teagan. I still worked in LA so I spent most of the week there, flying out whenever I could, but I always spent the weekend here.

Indie's fingers ran through my hair, sighing as she realized that it was time for me to leave again when I'd only just arrive last night, ''I hate waking up and not finding you laying next to me'' she told me, her eyes shutting.

The way she spoke told me that she hadn't woken up in a good mood. She hadn't been in a great one all week and I wasn't sure what was wrong. Asking wouldn't get me far so I was trying to figure it out myself.

''I know, I hate going away all the time but I'll be back in two days'' I told her, sliding out of bed and grabbing a towel to wrap around my waist.

When she remained silent I turned back to her, sitting on the bed and taking hold of her left hand to play with her wedding ring. I'd brought her a smaller one to the original after she showed me the ridges it had left.

She hadn't wanted a flashy ring but I'd ignored her and got one made with a smaller diamond, yet it sparkled as much as the bigger one had. Bending down I kissed her and she responded, her hand coming to hold my face.

I looked at her before pressing my lips to her ring and getting up to shower. ''I'll run you a bath before I leave'' I told her, not expecting to hear a reply so when I did it made me smile now that she sounded more like herself.

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