CH 1: Workplace Rivals

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~ Kiondra ~

I hate him. I fucking hate him. This is the thing I find myself chanting whenever I'm at the office because that hateful dickwad of a man works for the same damn company!

Don't get me wrong, I love working as a hockey journalist, but dealing with the actual players who insist on playing in all aspects of life, is a pain.

To make matters worse, being one of the few black people (black female at that) who are involved with hockey, the men like to poke fun at me. I'd love to tear their ignorant asses a new one! But due to my position, I am forced to spend time with the player I hate most on the team- Branson Miller. I even hate his name too! But good for him it's only during work hours or I would've punched him months ago.

Standing at five feet nine inches, he has the ego of Sasquatch and freakishly large hands to match. Though he still stands over my five feet three inches, I'm pretty sure I could kick his ass in a fist fight. Yeah, I've thought about it many, many times so don't judge. Anyway, my boss Kevin called me into his office. Mind you, he's not my favorite person either.

"Goodmorning Kiondra, how are you?" He practically yells. I wish he'd be quiet for once.

"I'm fi-" he cuts me off.

"Great! You get to spend a night with Branson Miller!!" My face instantly turns into a scowl and I'm ready to punch him in the face.

Taking notice of my anger, he quickly says, "It's for the company magazine and if it's great, I will promote you. The press department has quite a bit riding on this. All you have to do is talk and go on a date with him. It won't be so bad, I promise."

Haha yes it will be! He's not the one being forced to be near that pompous ass. I'm still angry, but I can't afford to let our department down. We work our asses off making a name for ourselves. It's like the athletes get a free publicity pass.

Feigning defeat, I manage an half-hearted "Okay, e-mail me the details." I don't really have anything positive to say so I keep my mouth shut.

Kevin, who is wrapped up in his Instagram newsfeed, says "Sure thing! I know you don't like him, but I chose you for the job because I'm sure you can handle him. You've done incredibly well, keep it up."

Smiling, I walk out of his office feeling decent until I run into something, or someone rather, coming around the corner. Sure enough, it's Branson. I feel my lips turn into a deep frown. Still pressed into his abdomen, he returns the same expression.

"Watch where you're going," I growl with venom in my voice. He looks at me with a seemingly intimidating expression. If only he were scary!

Seemingly unbothered by my comment, he snorts and whispers "I will, you know as much I as I do that I wouldn't touch you willingly." That asshole!

Smiling and stepping away from him, I laugh and say, "Perfect! I don't want any diseases so please do. Oh did Lily give you herpes? You have a few spots around your chapped lips. I recommend seeing a doctor and using the money I know you have to buy some Chapstick and a pack of mints. Not even hoes like crusty lips."

His jaw drops and he looks at me with a mixture of hate, disgust, and embarrassment. I know he doesn't have herpes, I read his medical records that he left out last week. Dumb ass. Lily has been in Spain for a month now too.

I turn on my royal blue wedges and walk away laughing hysterically. I always get the last word. If he wants to insult me, he's gonna have to do better than that!


~ Branson ~

I hate that she-devil! She has no respect for my position in this company. I'm one of the best hockey players on the East coast, and she insults me every time we see each other. Sure, I insult her too, but she should still respect me. And I don't have herpes or any other disease either!

I ran into her on my way to Kevin Kobbs's office. And of course, we argued with each other. Seeing the amount of dislike in her eyes was kind of scary- have I treated her that badly?!

Shape up Branson! You don't need to worry about some fat ugly black chick when you can have any of the ice girls you want. My inner voice reminds me.

It's so true, girls can't resist me.

Walking into Kevin's office he eyes me wearily and finishes typing an email and sends it. Waving his hands, he motions for me to sit.

"How are you Mr. Miller?" He asks, getting the small talk out of the way. I refrain from telling him about Kiondra because she's damn good at her job. But I'll sure as hell never tell her that. I hate her too much.

Smiling my million dollar smile, I say "I'm doing wonderful. What did you need me for?"

Looking relieved, Kevin bluntly says, "Tamara told you about your magazine feature right?" Tamara is my PR agent and my lifeline when I need it. I guess he knows how much Kiondra and I fight because I constantly vent to her. I guess that's their bonding activity.

I simply nod so he continues on. "Well you'll be going on a date Friday night- two nights from now- and that'll be the written portion of the segment. Tomorrow morning, you'll have your photo-shoot."

Hmm, that sounds kinda nice actually. I get to have my picture taken and have the opportunity to put my moves on a lady. I'm craving some hot bedroom action...

"Who's my date?" I need to know how I'm gonna get in this chick's pants. As long as she's skinny.

Kevin's face now has a smirk on it. Uh-oh, please let it be a chick! I'm not in the mood for jokes.

Not bothering to hide his amusement, he only says, "You'll see. I can't tell you who, but she's beautiful. Between you and me, I'd bang the hell out of her."

Oh! Now I have to know! "Can you just tell me?"

I know I had asked in vain when Kevin smiled even more. "Nope! I'm the only one who knows. She doesn't even know! I'll text you the details so you can be prepared. And tell Tamara that I said hey. Have a good day."

Waving to Kevin who is back on his phone, I leave his office and see Kiondra walking in with Olive Garden for herself. She's so ugly. And losing a good 20 pounds might make her look at least human. Fat ass.

At least I'm going on a hot date Friday. I hope it's that hot blonde Kelly from accounting. She may be dumb, but I'm sure we'd have a lot of fun, if you know what I mean...

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