Ch. 10 It's over?

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~ Logan's P.O.V ~

Yes, Ayla and I kissed. Finally. But I still have a girlfriend. I mean I haven't broke up with her yet because I'm not sure, I mean my girlfriend was my first everything. She has been in my life since we were four, it's hard.


I get back to the hotel, I put my phone on the counter. My girlfriend Chloe was lying on the bed.
"Hey Logy, how was Vidcon?"
"It was great." I smiled.
"I'm gonna go have a shower, I'll be out in 5." I walked in the bathroom.
"Okay." She said.

I came out of the washroom.

I saw Chloe on my phone.

"Chloe? What are you doing?"
"Who is Ayla?" She frowns at me.
"My friend..." I kinda hesitated.
"Logan Paul, what are these text messages??!" She looked at the messages and back at me.
"What do you-"
"Hey, I can't wait to meet you."
"I had fun at the beach today."
"You're a cutie."
She read the messages out loud.

I paused for a second.

"Can't wait to see you.."
"Aww, do. you want this to be a date?"

She read more out loud.

"WHAT THE FUCK LOGAN!" She yelled at me.
"Chloe, chill please." I took my phone.
"No, I can't fucking chill." She angrily looked at me.
"Chloe, do you know how many times I've seen you with guys?" I crossed my arms.
"I-I.." she paused.
"Yep, and I've seen them kiss you before." I frowned.
"Want to know how I fucking felt? Terrible. I feel like you are just using me."
"Logy.." She walks toward me.
"No, I gotta think about this." I grabbed clothes, went in the washroom, and slammed the door.

I sighed, and changed.

When I came out she was lying on the couch looking at the ceiling, I grab my camera, GoPro, and my phone.

I slammed the door and left.

I was trying to text Ayla, and I realized.. Chloe texted her..

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