How you all meet part 2

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Y/N's Pov

We have been flying for at least 5 hours. I'm bored so I decided 'Eh what's the worst that will happen ?' I pop up from my previous position which was laying down. Multiple things happened at once.  Deadpool shouted "The hot girl just popped up outta no where." Black Widow pulled out a gun. Hawkeye had his arrows at the ready. Bruce was turning green. Loki had his septer pointing at me with a blueish hue to his normal pale skin. Thor picked up his hammer ( HAMMER TIME sorry not sorry) Both Ironman and War Machine had their blasters aimed at me. The rest were also prepared to attack me if need be. I looked at them then at deadpool trying to keep a straight face.  You couldn't help it you burst out laughing with Deadpool joining you. Your face had a rosy hue to it's normal (S/T)(skin tone) color and tears were rolling down your face. Every one else was confused by your actions. When you calmed down you said "Sorry but I'm just imagining if grumpy old pirate said 'Avengers assemble and bring Deadpond with you.' This is how it would look. How is the commander any ways?" Besides Deadpool they are all dumbfounded. Yes, Loki too. Black Widow recovers first asking "You know Fury? How? He never mentioned knowing you." You look at her and say "No surprise there. I'll show you when we get there.  Don't tell him I told you though." You say with a finger over your lips winking. Then Deadpool says " Wait a minute. Did you just call me Deadpond?" "Yeah you got a problem with it?" "Nope I like it even more than Deadpool. I wish I thought of that. " "Wait a second were you even knocked out?" This question came from Clint. " Nope pretended. I wanted to see what would happen." Then Tony stuttered out " B-b-b-b-ut I made the dart. How did it not effect you ?" "Guess you aren't as good as you thought huh Tony ?" Clint said mockingly I said "Hi I'm still here ya know. Shall I explain why your "powerful" dart didn't work on me or are ya gonna wonder for the rest of your lives." "We do not need to know how she did not fall unconscious when I can do this. " With that Loki flicked his wrist (look at the flick of that wrist. srry not srry) and used magic to "knock me out" I played along and fell back. Loki stood over me saying "Where man of iron fails I succeed even when he does not fail I do it better." With that he turned his back to you.  You popped up motioning for them not to say anything you shouted out " Damn look out Elsa took away the sun again. Elsa throwin shade." Loki let out a girlish shriek and you let out a mad cackle. When Loki turned around you were already gone and on Thor's back saying "Onwards my huge akita." Right then and there the avengers and Deadpond knew that this was going to be a chaotic ride.

Time Skip

"Wait so let me get this straight you were able to lower everything in your
Body to make it seem you were unconscious.Even though you weren't." Tony asked " CORRRRRRRRRECTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You say rolling the r. Right now people are asking you questions. "You were able to fool Jarvis how? " You innocently looked at Tony and shrugged your shoulders saying "I just guess I'm that good." Loki is over in the corner sulking because you and Tony roasted him. But from this statement he looks over at you and says "No you are not 'just that good'. You used trickery how and what I don't know but it had to be trickery. How else did you not fall unconscious when I used my magic." "Let me stop you there. 1 Don't be jealous that I was able to conquer your magic.2 Aren't you supposed to be the god of lies and trickery.If anything I took your place and now I'm Y/N the goddess of lies and trickery. YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.Lastly 3 shut up or I'm gonna roast you again. Except this time I'm gonna roast you and toast you and you gonna go runnin to yo mowma (momma sorry I'm weird ) bout yo burn." Tony, Clint, Wade, and Scott are in the background like "Damn Elsa just got burned!" "Sorry to interrupt but it looks like we're here. " Natasha says.
With that we head into The Avengers Tower. I see fury looking like his normal grumpy pirate self. In a second I'm in front of Fury saying " NICKYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! How you doin? I haven't seen you since last time. It's been forever. Did you ever tell them why you have your eyepatch?  You probably didn't.  Why don't I tell them?" Fury chuckled darkly and said "You wouldn't dare." "Dude I would and will totally dare."  "L/N (last name) so help me I will tell the world about-" "HA about what!??! you ain't got shit on me!Anyway guys, Fury is a Pirate because of me.What happened was -" "Not happening. Tell them another time. Ya know what maybe NEVER!! Now I had you bring her here because she can be a valuable addition. And also don't get her mad she alone with her language will take away Steve's innocents. She makes a sailor look like a wimp. Plus she's violent." Scott says "Speaking of her where is she? Deadpool is missing too." Then they heard a crash and giggles mad cackles and woops.  Then Deadpool and Y/N comes crashing through the Wall doing tricks on motorcycles with the motorcycles driving themselves.
And that was the start of a brand new adventure.

                     THE END
Hope you enjoyed I'm going to try and write daily if not I will do 2 in 1 day laters



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