9: Do you feel alive?

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"William, hey" Gabe's voice is raspy, William groans into his cellphone, "Why are you calling me at 3am?"

"Why are you up at 3 am is the better question," Gabe says to him, William can see the sly smirk on the other boys face. William laughs a little, "What do you want?" He asks Gabe quietly.

"Look out your window." Gabe says, William raises his eyebrows and walks to the sliding glass door in the basement. Gabe is standing there, flashlight in hand. William slides the door open, giving Gabe wide eyes.

"Why are you here?"

"I thought we could hang out," Gabe says biting his lip, giving William the look for pure adventure. William looks back to his room, "Let me get a jacket, okay?" William says.

"That's new." Gabe says, William's face is filled with confusion, "You have a jacket for once." Gabe smiles at him. William laughs a little, "Shut up, Saporta!"


"Where are we even going to go?" William says to the boy, walking along side him on the sidewalk, hands in pockets. Gabe puts an arm around William's shoulder as they keep walking, flashlight in his other hand.

"7-11?" Gabe asks, William realizes the glow of the gas station catching his eyes as Gabe asks. William sighs, "I didn't bring my wallet," his voice is quiet because of the event from a few hours ago.

"I'll pay, I got my paycheck today." Gabe says proudly to him, William rolls his eyes, but he doesn't say anything. William looks down at his phone screen, seeing all of the twitter notifications he's missed, while with Gabe.

"I'm wounded that you're that bored." Gabe puts his hand on his heart, trying to make the mood seem lighter to William. William smiles at him, putting his phone away, "I'm not bored, just checking Chicago."

Walking into the 7-11 William starts looking around, as his hands are wrapped around Gabe's arm. Gabe walks over to the back, William is trailing behind him, still not know what he wants.

"Just get a Slurpee." Gabe says looking at the boy. William shrugs, "I don't know." He says, Gabe shakes his head at William's words. Gabe Grabs a cup and puts turns the lever, making blue liquid go in the cup.

"How'd you know I like blue raspberry?" William asks.

"Took a guess." Gabe says, William smiles at him.

"You're paying for this." William says, pointing toward the slurrpe,

Gabe puts his forehead against William's "I'm not letting you pay for anything." Gabe says quietly to him.


"Here, give me some." Gabe says taking William's drink out of his hand. Both the boys are sitting on the grass, overlooking a big playground. The flashlight is turned off, resorting Gabe to use his phone.

"You should've bought your own." William says, laying down, hip bones poping out of his fitted t-shirt. Gabe rolls his eyes at the younger boy, laying down next to him.

"I bought this." Gabe says.

"Thanks by the way," William says, "It's nice of you to do this." William says to Gabe. Faces next to each other, looking in the eyes of one another as a simple phone flashlight keeps the light for the two.

"We're always in class," Gabe says to William, "Nobody will interrupt us here" Gabe holds William hand, William lets him hold it.

"You done with that drink?" William asks Gabe, Gabe smirks at William.

"I drank the rest of it,sorry angel." Gabe says to William, William rolls his eyes at Gabe. The two sit up, talking about how Pete and Ashlee broke up again this week, and how Gabe thinks Pete is finally going to ask Rian out.

"Did you really want that drink?" Gabe asks, William shakes his head. William takes Gabe's phone from the grass, where it had been previously laying on.

"What's your password?" William asks, Gabe sighs and puts it in, letting William do whatever he wants on it. William leans back on Gabe's chest, having him feel relaxed as he's on a warm surface.

"You listen to Ed Sheeran?" William says looking up at Gabe, making Gabe turn red.

"He's really good, do you not?" Gabe says, William giggles at Gabe. William Beckett fucking giggled at Gabe for listening to Ed Sheeran.

"That's really, cute, I guess." William says, "I mean, you play bass and sing in a punk band, and you're also listening to Ed Sheeran." William still has a massive smile on his face.

"I'm going to play one of the songs, and you have to sing it to me." William says, Gabe furrows his eyebrows.

"Why?" He asks, it's not that Gabe doesn't want to sing to William. Gabe would love to serrante William, but just not to Ed Sheeran at 3am. William gives him this look, smiling at him, pushing his hair back. "Fine." Gabe says in defeat, William plays the song, closing his eyes and leaning back, waiting for Gabe's words.

"This is the start of something beautiful" Gabe sings, coming on sync with the song, William can feel the vibrations of him singing, while laying on Gabe's chest.


"Thanks for tonight." William says to Gabe, Gabe smirks, "The sun's going up, angel, it's not really night anymore." Gabe says, taking William's hands.

"At least we don't have school." William says back, Gabe nods his head. Gabe leans in closer, letting their lips connect, letting Gabe do what he's been wanting to do all night. The two enjoy the feeling of lust with eachother. Gabe has his arm wrapped around William's waist, while William has his hand rested on Gabe's cheek trying to stay balanced.

William stumbles back, breaking the kiss, "We should do this more often." William says licking his lips at Gabe.

"Hang out at 3am?" Gabe asks, William shakes his head.

"Make out." William smiles at Gabe raising his eyebrows. Gabe smiles at him,

"I'll see you later, angel"

"I guess you will," William kisses Gabe's cheek and then closes the door behind him, going back to his bedroom.

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