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You may only apply in the comment section in this chapter. No one needs things here and there, right?

Only 2 admins will be "the chosen ones".

Please do not apply if you're bad with writing. I don't want to have to check over your work and edit things like your shitty fanfics, ok? The worst writing I will accept is a few words per "thing" that you've been asked to write, and I totally understand if you didn't catch the mistake.

Also, make sure what you're writing is FACTUAL. Unless it's a fanfic, I want to see perfect knowledge on the Harry Potter film and book series.

1. Your name (how you would like me to call you).
2. Your Wattpad username.
3. Three reasons why you would like to become an administrator.
4. Your favourite Harry Potter character and why they are your favourite?
5. Your favourite Harry Potter movie?
6. Your favourite Harry Potter book and why it is your favourite?
7. Your Hogwarts house (check my sorting hat test book if you're unsure of where you should be placed).
8. What you can contribute to this account?
9. How much time per day can you give?
10. The easiest way to contact you.

Registration Closes on September 15th, 2017. And admins will be posted either the same day, or Saturday the 16th.

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