The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 22

Emily and I stood in front of my closet as she helped me choose my outfit for my date with Alex. It was now 5:00p.m so I still had time. Plus, he said to dress casual so I didn’t need that much time.

“This!” Emily said, making me jump slightly. She pulled out a shirt from my closet and I looked at it for a second before nodding in approval.

I put on my black skinny jeans with the grey shirt that had a black bow to the right that Emily picked for me. I then matched them with my black flats that had a little bow on each one of them.

My hair was not bad today so I kept it as it is. I just applied a bit of mascara and lip gloss and stuffed a few things in my black purse.

“You look cute!” Emily said, giving me an approving smile.

“Thank you,” I said, grinning.

“So tell me!” She squealed happily, pulling me to sit on the chair.

“Tell you what?” I said and felt a blush making its way to my cheeks.

“About you and Alex,” she said. “Tell me everything.”

“Well it just happened,” I said and she rolled her eyes at me.

“Yeah right,” she said, not believing me.

“Okay fine,” I said, sighing in defeat and then I told her the whole story, starting from the lollipop incident.

“I’m still wondering if he’s bipolar,” she said thoughtfully and I laughed.

“Why is that?” I then asked.

“Well he was yelling at you then he ran after you and forgave you,” she said.

“He’s always been weird like that,” I said and she nodded, muttering ‘bipolar’ under her breath.

I chuckled and checked the time on my cell phone. It was still 6:52p.m and I glared at my screen, wanting the time to move faster.

“I have to go study a bit,” Emily said as she stood up.

“No need for lying,” I teased. “I know you’re going to call Josh.”

She blushed and smiled. “Maybe,” was her ‘mysterious’ reply.

I rolled my eyes at her as she walked out of my room.

“Have fun on your date!” She called and I yelled back a ‘thanks’.

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