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There was a frantic knock at Pierce's bedroom door. It woke both Cordelia and Pierce up. Pierce looked at his clock on the nightstand and it was 6:10 in the morning. "What do you want?!" Pierce yelled at the door. Brian opened the door with caution. "A woman. She came with an army and is demanding to speak with her daughter." Brian said. "Who's her daughter?" Pierce asked. Brian pointed at Cordelia.

"Mom? Mom's here?" Cordelia popped up from the bed and ran out of the bedroom, into the living room and out of the pack house. There stood Cordelia's mom, Ann, outside of the pack house. "Mom!" She called out and ran to her. "Oh, my Cordelia. My sweet Cordelia!" Ann called out and hugged her daughter. "Are you hurt? Is everything okay?" Ann asked as they parted and looked Cordelia over. "I'm fine, mom." Cordelia lightly chuckled.

Ann gave her a concerned look. "Why didn't you come home? You let everyone else out." Ann said quietly. Cordelia went to say something but Pierce came up to them. Ann growled at him and pushed Cordelia behind her. "Mom stop." Cordelia said and pushed her way around Ann to Pierce. "He attacked and killed half of our pack, Cordelia! Get away from him. I came to get you." Ann growled. Cordelia shook her head no. "I can't leave mom. I'm sorry." She told Ann.

Ann looked at Cordelia like she was crazy. "What? You can't be serious?" She asked Cordelia. "Mom.. This is Pierce. He's.. He's my mate." Cordelia said and grabbed Pierce's hand. "He may not be the.. best person to be around but.. he's not that bad." She told Ann. Pierce rolled my eyes. "Wow. Thanks." Pierce said sarcastically.

Lowell came up behind Ann and looked Cordelia in the eye. "I haven't seen you in a couple days." He gave her a small smile. "Where's Anna?" He asked her. Just as he asked, Annabelle came up next to Cordelia. "Lowell!" She cried and hugged him. "Mom. Take Anna home. But I want to stay here. I'm not coming home. This his my home now." She told Ann.

"I'm not leaving without you. And that's it." Ann grabbed Cordelia's wrist and pulled her along towards the way back to their pack. Just then a wolf got between Ann and Cordelia. Cordelia instantly knew it was Pierce.

Pierce snarled at Ann; guarding Cordelia. He changed back. "She said she's staying here. Now you're daughter likes to really push my buttons and she annoys me to no end. And, if she wasn't my mate, I would gladly give her to you. I'd actually would love to get rid of her. Mate or not. But.. If she wants to stay then you need to let her. She's an adult now." Pierce said.

Ann looked up at Cordelia, who was standing behind Pierce. "Fine. But on one condition." Ann spoke up and pointed a finger at Cordelia. "I'll be back in three weeks. If you still want to stay and officially become mates with the man who attacked and killed your family, then fine. But you're no longer to see any of us. Including Anna, Lowell, and your father. But if you want to come home, then we'll be gladly to bring you home."

As Ann turned on her heel, Lowell and Anna didn't follow her. Ann paused to look at them. "Come on you two. We don't have all day." She said. But they didn't budge. Ann sighed defeatedly. "Don't tell me you two want to stay here too." She hissed. Annabelle looked at Cordelia then back to Ann. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Hale. But Cordelia is my best friend. I love her too much to never see her again." Anna said and walked over to Cordelia and hugged her. Ann looked up at Lowell. "You?" She asked him. Lowell shrugged. "I follow my mate wherever she goes."

Lowell stood next to Annabelle. Ann growled. "Fine!" She huffed and left the pack, being followed by the pack's warriors.

Pierce looked down at Cordelia then to Anna and Lowell. "I guess, I have three new members to the pack."

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