Chapter 7 - Memories (Simulation Combat)

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Corporal Jacob Wang (Rank 2854)

***** "This is Delta Squad, we've secured a bonus code but are under heavy fire. I repeat, we are under heavy fire!" I yelled.

"Affirmative, can you see what options are in the code?" the command coordinator asked.

"Jake, Adam, cover me!" I ordered as I ducked behind cover to look at the code.

"Those enemies have a lot of heavy artillery!" Jake wailed as a freezer round exploded near his shoulder, forcing him to hide back down. "Shit!"

"You ok?" I asked, ignoring the coordinator's calls.

"It's completely numb," Jake groaned, "I'll be fine..."

"Ester, I need some more output!" Adam exclaimed to his squad mate.

"Grenade out!" Ester answered.

"Corporal, what do you see?" the coordinator asked.

"Umm, there are three options: mystery, bombing run, or medic pack," I replied.

"Perfect, use the bombing run and enter the coordinates that I tell you," the coordinator said with relief. "The coordinates are 25°04'06.1"N 121°18'27.2"E."

"Isn't that our position?" I asked. "Our forces are scattered in this area in close quarters with enemy forces. There's gonna be a lot of friendly fire if you drop bombs here."

"God damn it, those are the command's orders," the coordinator replied.

"Jacob, we're gonna have to retreat! Our squad isn't going to hold this position for long!" Adam exclaimed as we were pelted by enemy fire.

"You know what, I'm gonna try this..." I muttered as I pressed the mystery choice.

"Soldier, did you just disobey the commanders' orders?" the coordinator asked. Before I could answer, the Comms became static and were completely down.

"The enemies got a jammer up!" Jake stated.

"Where's that god damn mystery bonus?" Adam asked.

"Look!" Jake exclaimed as he pointed upwards. I looked up to see an object falling towards the ground.

"Is that a drop pod?" I muttered.

"Let's hope it's something useful," Adam muttered as we moved out of our position to retreat and move out of the landing zone.

***** "Drop pod has touched down on the designated area. Please exit when ready."

"What?" I muttered in confusion as my vision slowly came back to me. I heard people shouting outside and artillery shells landing around me, so I tried to look outside through the pod's window. Before I could see anything, freezer rounds hit but unable to penetrate the window, causing a layer of hardened paint to form.

"I guess I'll have to open this," I sighed as I readied my gear, located on the sides of the pod. As I prepared myself, I could hear the movement of troops surrounding the pod.

"Is the Comms working?" I asked as I accessed my team's Comms.

"Is this transmitted from the pod?" a voice asked.

"Good, at least there's a response," I muttered, "I'm the guy you just deployed, who are you?"

"Corporal Jacob Wang. If you have a HUD, we should be displayed with green markers, enemies will be displayed with red. Our forces have retreated from your position, but only about twenty meters," the voice replied. HUD, or the heads-up display located across our helmet, is standard equipment for a soldier. The HUD displays things from friendlies and enemies to the user's current terrain and will be able to provide the user with more information using upgrades from the school's R and D Department.

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