Mr. Chocolate?!

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Author note: I was given permission to start this book up again by DestyGD.

Izzabellas POV

Everyone looked at me and so did Mr.Chocolate as that little scream left my mouth. I blushed and hid my face behind my hair and put my head down. I started fidgeting with my fingers and in my seat. I could still feel someone intensely staring at me and I knew it was Mr. Chocolate.

"Move." His gruff voice said to the scrawny boy next to me.

The boy scrambled up and ran to a seat at the back of the class. Mr. Chocolate plopped down in the boys seat and continued staring at me from the corner of his eyes.

I shifted in my seat uncomfortably and tried distracting myself, trying to ignore Mr. Chocolate's gaze. I started spacing out and asked myself questions. Why is Mr.Chocolate looking at me? Why is he so..interesting to me? Why do- Suddenly I felt my seat and table jerk towards Mr. Chocolate direction. I looked up at Mr. Chocolate to see him glaring at the boys in the class. I don't know why though. I look down again but as soon as I look down, warm and rough hands grip my chin softly but dominating and raised my chin.

"Chin up princess or the crown slips." His gruff voice said.

And like that my face turned red as a cherry...



Sorry for the late update and the very short chapter

I just started school and I don't have energy after school but its the weekend so some updates may be on weekends.

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