Nine - The Man With a Plan

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Jaimee pulled Tessa into his arms and she went willingly, wrapping herself around like a vine. He was kissing her as if all the oxygen in the world were between her teeth. She was gasping, small noises of pleasure, as he tugged her skirt up to her waist. She wasn't wearing much underneath it but then Ricardo already knew that.

He was sitting behind the desk, feet up, watching the show. Suddenly, Jaimee spun her around with so much force that she had to grab for the desk. He bent her over, anchoring one hand into her thick hair. She liked that, and laughed, licking those glossy lips with her tongue. Ricardo reached forward, to touch that mouth, or to feel the heat of her skin - it was all hazy. She bit him and he jumped, pulling his hand back, swearing.

He was still sucking the blood from his finger when she suddenly groaned. And Jaimee looked up, met Ricardo's eyes, and grinned.


Ricardo woke up gasping. The duvet slithered off the bed with all the movement and he sat there, panting, as the cold air slapped into him. He welcomed it. Needed it, even. He glared down at the intruder in his bed. "Not cool," he grumbled. It was a sunday, he realised. He didn't work on sundays and that meant neither did Jaimee. Which was good considering he'd just had what might have been the fourth dream about him and Tessa. Sighing, he flopped back down and went back to sleep.

When he woke up sometime later, he was dying for a drink. He realised as he poured himself an ice cold vodka that he hadn't had anything for three days. He laughed to himself. First time for everything, he thought. He made egg whites and a protein shake, changed into shorts and vest and went for a jog. He wasn't sure why but he felt odd. Different. It hit him as he was showering that he didn't quite feel lonely today. He was alone but he took a moment to process that he couldn't remember the last time he hadn't felt lonely. He wasn't begrudging himself the privilege, it was just unusual.

He wasn't sure what made him do it. Maybe it was just the all encompassing feeling of contentment, or maybe it was the second glass of vodka he poured himself. But halfway through a rerun of a show that he didn't even watch, he picked up his phone and texted Jaimee. What are you doing today?

The reply came back within seconds. If this is about the Chapman settlement, the person you are trying to contact is currently unavailable.

The text made Ricardo laugh. This isn't about work LOL.

What then?


You have so much money it's coming out of your eyes. You can't think of something to do?


By this point, Ricardo was pouring himself another drink. It was only 2 in the afternoon but he was of the habit of creating his own happy hour. As in; every hour was happy hour. There was a delay in reply and he wondered if he'd scared his secretary away. It was pretty weird for them to texting anyway but he would have thought their adventures last night had something to say about that. Then his phone buzzed and he relaxed.

Just checked with my family. Come over for sunday dinner :)

Ricardo was excited to spend time Jaimee's family again. He remembered how much he had loved it the last time - and that had been whilst Jaimee was drilling holes in his skull with his eyes. So he could only imagine how fun it would be this time. He decided to wear a plain t-shirt and jeans, not wanting to be the odd one out again. And he recalled that Anita and Priyanka had complimented his hair so he left it loose - something he hadn't done in years. Although the damp curls were sticking to his face so much that he almost changed his mind.

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