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"She let us out. But she didn't come with us." A woman who was captured by Pierce and his pack that was let go, told Cordelia's mother. "I don't know why." She told her.

Cordelia's mother, Ann, growled. "Darling. Ann. It's fine. At least we know she's okay." Cordelia's father, Bruce, said. "The alpha and his children are dead and so is half of our pack, Bruce. We need to avenge them and get Cordelia back. I want my daughter back!" She growled and slammed her fists against a desk.

The woman, Bruce, and Ann were all in the old alpha's office. "As the new leader of this pack, I want as many of the pack warriors we have left and go out to the pack." Ann said and looked up at the woman. "Do you remember which direction the pack is?" She asked her. The woman nodded. "Is it okay if I bring you with us? Just so we know where. And I'll have Bruce escort you back here safely." Ann asked. The woman nodded. "If it means you're able to get Cordelia and her friend back. I'll join. When do we head out?" The woman asked her. Ann thought for a second. "Tomorrow morning. We'll come get you. Thank you ma'am." Ann said and dismissed her.

Ann collapsed in a chair and sighed, wiping her hand over her face. "Why didn't she leave there? Why didn't she come back?" Ann sighed. Bruce knelt next to the chair and grabbed her hand. "I'm not sure. But I promise that we'll get her back. No matter what." He whispered to her and stroked the back of her hand with his thumb.

There was a light knock at the door. "Yes?" Ann asked, in a stressed, uninterested voice and looked up to see who knocked. It was Lowell. "I have some information that I think will help you." Lowell hesitantly said and leaned up against the door frame lightly. "It's about Cordelia. I... I know why she hasn't escaped yet." He said.

Ann motioned towards the seat across the desk. "I'd like to hear anything you have to say." She said, now being more interested. Lowell walked in and sat down in the seat. "Annabelle was also taken to the pack. I was able to mind link to her and she told me that the alpha of the pack, Pierce Eldred, was Cordelia's mate." Lowell said quietly, acting like if he said it any louder, then someone would hear him. "Cordelia had told her when they first got captured, that she had a way for both her and Annabelle were able to get out of there. But then Cordelia changed her mind."

Ann furrowed her eyebrows. "Cordelia's mates with the alpha of the pack who attacked us?" Ann asked him and leaned forward lightly. "That's what I heard." Lowell said. "Annabelle also told me that Cordelia was wanting to try and 'break his walls' or something. So I'm assuming that means that Cordelia is planning to stay there and knowing her, I'm not sure she's going to want to budge on her decision."

Ann looked at Bruce. "We leave early tomorrow morning, Bruce. 6 am is when we leave. Go tell the woman and tell whatever pack warriors we have left. I want to try to talk to Cordelia. If not, then we have to attack."

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