sailor moon: lost episode

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I was really big fan of sailor moon, I mean I love animes such as to love ru, pokemon, clannad, glitter force, Tokyo mew mew and shugo chara. But there was a episode and it make me not wanna see or hear about sailor moon ever again. 

When I was 8 years old I was with my mom at walmart. We were looking for some my little pony toys,or ever after high dolls, I was really small at that time. Then I saw a old dvd case that says sailor moon lost episode.

As I picked up the dvd case as I looked at it and the cover shows usagi crying blood tears but her hands covered her hands. Maybe it was a joke or a new Halloween edition, I was very little so I didn't know if was a joke?

I went to my mom and showed her the sailor moon dvd and she looked at it. She was pretty disturbed of the dvd cover and she looked at me and asked.

"Are you sure you wanna buy it?"

"Yeah I'm sure! I wanna buy it mom!" I replied.

After my mom buy the dvd of sailor moon. I run to the car with the dvd in my hands, and my mom walked to the car as she got inside of the car and she started to drive the car. I look at the sailor moon dvd Case in my hands and smiled excitedly.

By the time we headed home I got of the car with my mom and we go inside of the house. And i headedupstairs and went inside of my room and i opened the dvd case, the disc was written in a black maker that says sailor moon lost episode. 
I put the dvd case inside of the dvd player I walked to my bed and I sit down. while the dvd player was saying reading.

As the dvd player says play dvd, I pressed the remote and pressed play. And the sailor moon theme song started to play, but something about the intro that tuxedo mask or luna cat was not there or Artemis. 

After the theme song stopped playing the scene cuts to usgai in the school hallway. But the weird thing was that it was night time and she looked depressed and sad, she looked at the floor.

"Why do I always have a bad grade?" She says to herself.

Which made me so confused that usgai is always funny in the anime, but then she stared at the screen for seems like five  or two minutes. As the scene changes to usgai in her kitchen  holding a kitchen knife in her hand and she smiles demonic.

As her mom go to the kitchen and usgai helded the knife behind her back. And usgai smiled normally.

"Hi mom!" Greeted usagi as she smiles."can I tell you something?"

"Sure usagi! What is it?" Her mom asked.

But then the screen fades to static and I could hear screaming and stabbing in the tv. When it stopped, I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw usagi helded her mother's head and blood was on her shirt and face and she laughed so creepy.

"Now who has better grades now?" Usagi says as she throws her Mom head in the trashcan. and luna cat just saw what, and usagi turned and look at her with redblood shot eyes.

"You saw what happened? you stupid cat!" Ugasi asked as she slowly approaches luna.

"Wait no!.but the world is in danger!" Luna says and she looked so scared.

Usgai grabbed Luna in the ear and sliced her right ear and that made so nervous, I was shaking in fear after I hear Luna screaming.
I saw usgai stabbing Luna in the stomach and it almost made me vomited, then the screen went to static and I see usgai had a bit of blood in her face and she was in her sailor scout outfit. But her sailor scout outfit was different she was wearing snitched up like cat sailor scout. Which it looked like Luna. Now usgai is now sailor moon.

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