Part 2 - New acquaintances and unwanted attention

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My eyes are closed, all I can hear is the faint groans grow louder. I get grabbed, this is it, this is the end. I open my eyes to see an ugly, disfigured gnarling face ready to bite into me. Then all of a sudden an arrow pierces through the walkers head, the walkers lifeless body drops in front of me as I step back. I turn to see a tall dark man with a crossbow pointed at me, this is it I'm going to be murdered instead of bitten, great!.

"Run!"he shouted... I was speechless, before I could say anything he shouted again "I said run!" I collected my thoughts and ran, towards this stranger who had just saved my life, could I trust him? I guess I'll just have to find out.

"Hurry up!" I kept running with the little energy I had to keep me going. I saw an RV up ahead, my lucks in! If this is the only way to save my life then I'm taking it!

We got to the RV, the door flung open as we entered. "Go go go!" The RV drove off, "Thank you, you saved my life" I panted, I looked at they guy who had saved me, but he didn't look interested in the least.

"That's Daryl" I turned to see a guy in a sheriffs outfit clutching a woman who was probably his wife and a little boy who I assumed is his son. He was a very handsome man, dark hair, blue eye and a kind face, he looked quite tall too.

"Nice to meet you, I'm jess" I replied. "I'm rick and this is Lori and Carl" he pointed to the woman and the boy next to him. "That's Dale and Glenn" he pointed to the older guy who was driving and the Korean guy next to him. "That's Jacqui, T-dog and Andrea" he pointed to the others "And last but not least, Shane, carol and Sophia" there was another guy in a police uniform and another woman and her daughter.

"Nice to meet you all, thank you for picking me up"

"Where you headin?" Shane disrupted my thoughts. "Anywhere, I just need to get the hell out of Atlanta" I replied. "Great minds think alike" he said back and winked at me. I had a mild feeling of discomfort but shrugged it off. "What about you guys?" I questioned. "The CDC" I glanced over at T-Dog. And without another word we set on our way to the CDC.


The trip was long and quiet, when we got to the CDC, the whole area was quiet and desolate. There were a few stray walkers about but nothing serious. We exited the cramped RV and began to walk to the building. Darkness began to creep upon us quickly, all the doors leading into the building were blocked off. "I knew this was a bad idea!" Shane screamed whilst whispering trying not to attract walkers. "We need to go!" Lori tried to persuade Rick to leave but he wouldn't budge. "The camera moved! there's someone in there!" he banged his fist upon one of the blockades of the entrance.

"Hey! open up please! You're killing us!" he screamed taking no notice of the surrounding walkers. "C'mon Rick, leave it!" Shane began to shout now dragging Rick away.

Well turned to leave when a blinding light flooded the area, a blockade had been lifted, I covered my eyes from the light with my arm, we approached the light with caution. We entered a room and an echo of a mans voice bounced around the walls of the room. "Once those doors close they will not open again" We took that as a welcome and proceeded further into the building, the blockade closed behind us. Knowing that we were trapped in here was slightly unnerving.

"The names Edwin Jenner" We all greeted him, "The price to enter is a blood sample, I need to be thorough" One by one he took our blood, this was incredibly hard for me as I have a needle phobia. "I can't do it! needles freak me out I can't!" I fidgeted in the seat I was given, Rick approached me slowly. "Jess its alright I'm here for you, it will be alright" he held my hand, his warmth was intoxicating. I could feel Lori's stare burn into me. I kept my eyes shut until it was over, I thanked rick and got up from the chair for the next person. Andrea was next she was limp and drowsy and looked like she was about to pass out. "We haven't eaten in days" Jacqui explained.

"Come with me" Jenner said. He explained to us that there was hot water, actual hot running water! After the outbreak, running water just stopped like it never even existed, people went out panic buying water and after a while it was very hard to come by. Jenner had given us beds, our own library and the children had a rec room. I felt safe here.

"Did he just say hot water?" Glenn exclaimed to the group. "I believe he did" T-dog said excitedly in reply to Glenn. This is going to be amazing.

We all separated in to our separate rooms, ever since we arrived here I could feel a pair of eyes on me the whole time, at first I didn't know who they belonged to until I caught a glance. It was Shane, he was the one staring at me which made me feel very uncomfortable. I shook this feeling off for the second time and entered the shower.


After we all had a shower and got changed back into the dirty clothes we had on previously as they were the only clothes we had, we all proceeded into the cafeteria where Jenner had prepared a meal for us. He began to explained what had happened to the rest of the scientists, how they took 'the easy way out' which was a bit of a buzz kill as Glenn described it. There was so much food, a load more then I had seen in months. There was also wine which Daryl had taken a liking to, he became more open and more interactive when he was intoxicated.

After the meal we all decided to retire back to our rooms. Just as I was about to close my door, a boot blocked its way, the boot was heavy duty and looked possibly military. I knew it could only be one of two people, Rick or Shane. I made the deduction that Rick would be in his room with his family, I mean why would he want to see me? I'm nothing special. The only other person is Shane, I slowly opened the door dreading what he wanted. I placed my foot on the other side of the door so that if he wanted to come in it would be harder for him to do so, I didn't want him in here!.

"Yes?" I muttered. "I want to talk to you" he replied. "Okay then, talk". "Out here? No, I need you to let me in" he said desperate to enter my room. "Why?" I questioned. "Look you're and attractive girl, I was thinking maybe you don't want to be alone tonight?" he smirked. "I think I can manage thanks" and without another word I slammed the door in his face. What a creep! I locked my door after that I didn't want anyone disturbing me especially Shane. I placed my head on my pillow and my eyes closed slowly as I drifted in to a deep dreamless sleep, the only proper sleep I've had in weeks.

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