"Oh god! your amazing and your finally mine!" Part 1

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I'm going to tell you a story of me, finally getting the guy I like, and all it take was for him to be my fake boyfriend for my sister wedding in London. Oh and he is my best friends cousin.

"You didn't answer my question."

"Well our flight leaves at 11. I'll pick you and Maria at 9:30 or if you guys want to leave early. Tell me now so I could tell the pilot."

"Okay how about we leave after school."

"Okay, are you sure?"

"Ya my shit is at Maria house. I'll drop my car off at her house then you can pick us up." he leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"We are going to have fun." he laughed and walked away. I was having trouble breathing. Maria comes out of no where and scares the shit out of me.

"Maria you scared me!" she was laughing

"Sorry. So what was that about? He's not canceling is he? I'll beat him!"

"No he wants to leave earlier."

"Really?" she was jumping up and down.

"When, when. When are we leaving!"

"Maria calm down we are leaving after school." she screamed.


"Yes. Now come on we don't want to get detention."

     At lunch I call to switch are time. I sat at our table alone waiting for Maria. I put my head on the cool table. My head was pounding. I couldn't tell if it was from

being nervous to go home with Mike or that I was a little high because Mike and I were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend or that I was dreading to see Erik

and Jasmine again. 

"Not feeling well, Elizabeth?" I lifted my head to find Mike sitting across from me.

"I have a bad headache. You can call me Liz or Izz or Beth." I can't believe I was babbling in front of him.

"I'll just call you Elizabeth."

"Okay. Are you looking for Maria?"


"Okay than. Do you need something?"

"Yes. Why am I suppose to be your boyfriend?" don't panic don't panic just tell him. I took a deep breath.

"Well when I use to live in London I caught my boyfriend and my best friend sleeping together in my bed, they didn't know I caught them. I left the next morning

with out saying good bye." I looked at him. All he was doing was staring at me. I started fiddling with my fingers.

"So I'm there to make him jealous?'"

"Yes and no. I need you as support. I'm going to apology. If they don't forgive me to damn bad. So yes your there to make him jealous but your also there as

my date to the wedding."

"Okay I can deal with that." I felt something burning my back. I turned around to fine Emily. Mike girlfriend giving me the death look. While the other guys at the

table were laughing and high fiving each other. I turned my attention back to Mike.

"Does your friends know about this?"

"No they think you and Maria are going to go visit a college up north and my parents are making me be a chaperone." I couldn't help but laugh.



"What so funny?" Maria put her tray on the table and slid down next to Mike.

"I'll wait for you by your car after school."

"Okay." and he left.

  When school was over Maria found me at my locker.

"Hurry up Liz!"

"I'm going, I'm going." Maria was jumping up and down.

"You know you need to stop the jumping, my family will think your high or something."

"Okay I'll stop with the jumping." I shut my locker closed. Maria grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the car. We found Mike and his bitch of a girlfriend Emily

making out on top of my car.

"Oh Hell no! you two off my car right now!" I guess I surprised Mike because he jumped off the hood of my car and in the process almost made Emily fall on

her ass. Maria and I started laughing.

"Are you ready? I'm not a big fan driving at night."

"Then lets me drive." he extended his hand for my keys. Instead of giving him my keys I gave him a high five.

"No one get to drive my car except me." I tried giving him a back off look.

"Okay I get the hint."

"I'll be right back. Maria you coming?" he looked at Maria waiting for her respond. But she was having a staring contest with Emily.

"She will be with me."

"Fine." he turned and left. When Mike was out of hearing distant Emily opened her mouth.

"You." she pointed a finger at my chest.

"You stay away from Mike he's mine." I started to laugh.

"Your threaten by me. That is so cute." I laughed harder.

"I'm not threaten by you."

"Oh yes you are because you wouldn't be tell me to back off. What are you afraid of me and him having passion sex. He falls in love with me and we live

happily ever after?" I laughed and before she said anything else I got into my car. I saw Maria saying something to her then got into my car. Emily looked

embarrassed. I was still laughing so hard that I was crying.

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