Chapter Five

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The four friends walked into the dark hallway looking for answers. Robert walked looking at a roll of photos of his family from his wallet. Liam distracted himself from the loss of his friend by continually looking around with his blacklight. Willow walked separated from the others. Her arms crossed with tears dripping down her face.

James walked over to her side. "Hey, cheer up, or we'll have to call you Weeping Willow." He gave a slight grin.

"I'm not in the mood for your stupid jokes, James." Willow wiped one of her tears.

"Sorry." James apologized.

"Check out all of these old paintings." Liam said in awe.

"Why is that one blank?" James asked.

"Blank? Liam, shine that light on the blank one." Robert pointed to Liam.

"Okay." Liam pointed the light at the blank frame. Suddenly, a message appeared.

"Four. The flower of betrayal and murder, is the code to open the door." Willow read out.

"What?" Liam gave a puzzled look.

"Is it just me, or does that picture have hinges?" James grabbed the outside of the frame. He pulled with all his strength. The picture finally popped open like a small door. Inside was a box full of letter blocks and a small shelf with wires connected.

"What the heck?" Robert picked up a 'E' block and observed it.

"Wait! That message! It must be the code to this!" Willow stated. "What was the riddle again?"

"Um, Four. The flower of betrayal and murder." James rubbed his head.

"So four must mean a four letter word, right?" Robert guessed.

"Probably, but what's the name?" Willow scratched her head.

"Well, since this is your Grandma's mansion and the legend is that she killed your grandfather for money, doesn't that make her the flower of betrayal and murder?" James stated.

"I don't think there's such thing as a grandma flower." Robert said sarcastically.

"Her name isn't 'Grandma'. Don't you remember, her name is Rose." James brought up.

"Then let's spell this out, wait does anyone have gloves?" Liam asked.

"No, why?" Robert asked.

"I don't know where these blocks have been." Liam gave a disgusted look.

"Touch the blocks, Liam." Robert said, annoyed.

"Fine." Liam moaned.

As the two boys were finding the correct blocks, Willow tapped James's shoulder.

"Hey, how did you know about the Rose murder thing?" Willow gave a slight smile.

"Hey, there's a lot more in this head that their appears." James smirked and pointed to his head.

"Guys! Watch as we put the 'R' in!" Liam said, excitedly.

He placed the block in. At first noting happened.

"Well, that was a dud—" Robert complained.

The room started to rumble and shake. All of a sudden, the wall opened up. Two hallways were appeared. One with lights, one without.

"I call the one with lights!" Liam blurted.

"Yeah, me too." Willow agreed.

"Then I will go with Robert down the dark hallway." James gulped.

"Well then, let's go." Willow gestured to start walking.

With that, the four teens split up, not knowing what lies ahead.

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