Chapter 100- MEGA Chapter.

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Surprise! It's not a Maha Chapter. It is a MEGA chapter.:)


Shravan's POV.

We got the next hearing date for tomorrow. What would have made me delighted under normal circumstances is filling me with dread this time.

Today was just the beginning, checking out basic facts. Tomorrow we would be digging into the documents and other legal details.

I will deal with things as they come. For now I will concentrate on my real reason for wanting to come to India.


A smile found it's way to my lips as I caught side of her standing on the other end of the long corridor talking to Vandy bhabhi, Preeti and Varun bhaiya. Pushkar must be looking into the paper work.

His first independent case.

He was confident inside the courtroom and I felt so proud of him right now. I suashed away the gloomy thoughts trying to invade my mind.

I saw the others walk away and my smile broadened as I kept walking.

Good. Now I could catch a moment of privacy with my love.

She looked up right then and over the heads of the crowds in the corridor our eyes met and she returned my smile immediately.

My feet's increased their pace on their own accord. I saw her smile falter a bit as she looked to her side.

What the hell?

What is Mr. Dutta doing here? Why is he talking to her outside the courtroom? If he even tries the slightest of foul play I will forget whose side I am fighting the case from!

Why do these corridors have to be so crowed and long? Even my extra long legs cannot reach the other end too soon!

I saw Sumo had a polite smile and felt slightly relived. She will never tolerate any crap given to her so probably Mr. Dutta was not being rude.

I saw him lean closer a bit and Sumo stiffened slightly. I started almost running before my steps faltered!

Did she just giggle?

Why is she giggling at whatever this man said?

By now I had almost reached them and curiosity got the better of me – and I ducked behind a pillar.

What were they talking about?

"So you are not really married?"

"Oh, that is wonderful!"

Excuse me??

"No I am engaged but." Sumo said lifting her hand to display her ring.


That is right you creepy characterless black coat wearer, she is engaged – to me!

He is so obviously trying to flirt with her!

"Lucky man- Mr-?" he probed and I wanted to smash his poking nose!

"Um-" Sumo hesitated slightly."

This is the right time for me to make my entry.

"The name in the court was not entirely incorrect- in a way." Sumo said grinning slightly and I stiffened.

"Oh? Mr Tamboowala is a lucky man!"

"No no his name-" Sumo started but I had had enough! I typed hurriedly and the bugger's phone buzzed as he received my message.

'Waiting for you in the car park.'

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