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Play fight

It was Saturday and your boyfriend leondre was coming over you hadn't seen him in weeks and you missed him so much. He was gonna stop at yours so you decide to have a movie night that was yours and Leo's favourite thing to do. Leo was coming around about 5 you didn't bother to get ready , you had put a top on and some shorts. You got the movies ready and the food and drinks. You had pizza, chocolate and popcorn you had so much junk food. It was nearly 5 you were just about to ring Leo when you heard a knock. You ran to the door and opened it to see Leo there with his bag, you jumped on him and give him a kiss and cuddle.

"I missed you so much leo" you say hugging him tight.

"I missed you too baby girl" Leo says back while kissing you. Leo put you down and you both went in. You went to your room.

" are you ready Leo to have a movie night" you say jumping up and down.

" Yes I am but let me go to the toilet first" Leo says as he takes his jumper off and put it on the floor and goes to the toilet. You decided to take Leo's jumper and put it on you loved wearing his jumpers. He came back from the toilet and he stopped as he seen you wearing his jumper.

" why you wearing my jumper" he asks with a smile on his face.

" because am cold" you replied. He fan over to you and pins you on the bed tickling you. You pushed him off and pined his arms down.

" you know your not strong" he says.

" Yes I am" you replied as you did he pushed you off and pined you back down. You kicked him not to hard. You both had a playful fight where you hit him and he would not let you go.

" Leo get off me now" you say laughing.

"No give me a kiss first" he says with a smile on his face.

"No" you say.

" please baby girl I love you: he replied with a sad cue face.

" awww ok babe just because I love you: he say giving leo a kiss. At the end of the night you both watched the movies and had all the food and fell asleep in each others arms.

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