Part 1 - The beginning of the end

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Jess POV -------

It had been months since the outbreak, there were reports all over the news about people coming back from the dead. At first I thought it was just a hoax but the whole of Atlanta began to become thriving with people all over the country coming to seek refuge. TV stations became abandoned, all that was left was the radio, even then they became quiet. We were left alone.


"No! No you can't! you said we would get through this together!!!" I screamed as my hands were clasped around the back of his head, my fiancé James had been bitten in the early months of the outbreak. My hands were stained by his blood, he was dying and I could do nothing about it. My glance shifted from James to the lifeless walker in the corner of the room, then back again. A tear drop slipped down my cheek and onto his face, I could see the life draining from his eyes.

"I love you" I choked, he smiled at me, he began open his mouth to say something, his expression went blank. "James? James!?!" I cried, he was gone. My whole life was crashing around me and I had no control. I needed to leave. I couldn't face seeing him become one of those... monsters! and I know I couldn't kill him when he turned, I just didn't have it in me.

I kissed his lips for the last time and closed his eyes, I grabbed my bag that we had packed the previous week. I glanced once again and left the house, having nowhere to go I took the car and got out of there.

My vision kept going blurry, I had to stop the car. I burst out crying, I began to scream and punch the steering wheel. The horn went, which drew some stragglers my way, I dried my eyes and proceeded to start the car, it didn't start.

"Fuck! c'mon baby! start please!" I frantically began twisting the key in the ignition but I had no luck. The car alarm began ringing out loud which drew more walkers. "C'MON!" the key snapped off in my hand, my hope of a clean escape was shattered. I grabbed what I could and left the car, I was travelling by foot now.

What started with a few walkers became a herd of groans and rotting flesh. I had to run for my life and keep running until they were just specs of nothing in the distance, the more distance between me and them the better.

I kept running but I couldn't manage to get any distance between me and the dead. An hour had passed and I was running on empty I needed to stop but they kept me on my feet. I proceeded down the long highway, maybe my luck was in, I could find another car and get away but there was a pile up, I wasn't going anywhere. A sudden realization hit me... I wasn't going to get out of this. If I stop now I can be with James, my family and friends I've lost.

I stop. My feet can't carry me any further, my lungs are burning and my vision is blurry from tears streaming down my face. I've lost everything how can I carry on? I turn to see the never ending mass of the dead following me, everywhere, always, they will never leave me be. I've lost everything, have they no compassion? Of course they don't they are the dead, that's the only factor that separates us... the living and the dead. I accept the fact that I'm dead already and stand there. How did I end up here?

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