Chapter 8: The talk

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Kayla POV.

I was sitting on the couch watching the blind side.

"I never had one"
"What a room to yourself?"
"No. A bed"

Damn this to much. I began to cry, and stuffed a chip into my mouth. I jugged down my sweat tea Arizona, and blew my nose. I heard the lock jiggle, indicating that someone was coming in. Assuming that it was Javan, I stayed seated.

But low and behold it was a tall lion king looking ass nigga.

But low and behold it was a tall lion king looking ass nigga

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He walked in, looked at me and smirked. " I see he got himself a super thick hoe " he chucked. I hopped out of my seat and approached him. " Boy, who the hell you calling a hoe. I will slap the fuck out of your ole akuna matata, scar face ass. You got me all types of fucked up. What ever you been smoking you need to stop, ole I can't handle 1 pull face ass." I screamed in his face.

"Damn you feisty as hell. But a little of this dick could fix that. " he rapped his arm around my waist. Gripping it tightly. The feeling of him touching me made me feel uneasy. It was the total opposite, of how I felt when Javan touched me.

I snatched away from him, giving him the illest mug. "Boy I'd fuck one of the hyenas, before I let you even get a sniff of the honey pot I-" Javier's cries cut me off. I picked him up, rocking him.

"Oh I see, he got another baby momma. Damn I told his ass to double rap." He shock his head. "No dumb dumb. Its fake, its an assignment for school. What you talking about another baby momma." I said utterly confused." Opps I guess I wasn't suppose to tell you." He bent over in laughter. I didn't find anything funny and was becoming flustered. Why the hell didn't he tell me he had a child.

"Someone's upset" Mr. Ass hole chuckled. My anger took over and I shoved him as hard as I could. "Oh shit" he yelled as his back hit the arm of the couch. "Choke on mufasa nuts" I grabbed Javier, my snacks and phone. "I hope you broke something." I stomped up the stairs, slamming the room door.

Javan's POV

"What up, Mr. Moore? " I said as I dabbed him up. "What's good young blood. How you and my baby girl?"  We both set on the sofa. "We OK Mr. Moore, I know she misses you though".

He sighed "I miss her to man, I just can't have her doing that hoe shit in my house. I was fine with the striping, but the tape is a no go. How the fuck I look letting my daughter let the world see her body. "

I jerked my head back giving him the what tf look😲. "I mean no disrespect Mr. Moore, but you and I both know that, that wasn't Kayla. She not even that type of girl " I said defending my Chubb's. The fact that he even let those words come out of his mouth pissed me off.

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