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Bloody Night

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I woke up late on a Friday night to hear a howling noise that screeched through my room. I thought there was no way that I wasn't dreaming. I walked to my window to see a dreadful sight! I ran down the steps to look outside to view a giant werewolf running through the night. Swift as can be as it hunts down it's prey. I couldn't belive my eyes. I didn't want to wake my parents up beacuse I didn't know if i happened to be dreaming or not. Next thing I know, the werewolf is gone.. I walked outside to see the werewolf chomping down a rabbit slowly. I then turned it's head to look at me! It's all black body started running right at me. I was so petrified that i didn't know what to do. The snarling beasts teeth bloody as can be. I was to scared to move. Waiting for the Wolf to make it's next move. It leaps right at me and I closed my eyes. When i opened i looked to see the sun in the air. Followed by a beat up bloody man on the ground crying. I felt bad for him because him  has no control over the beastly body that takes over him every full moon night. I wanted to help him but you never know what was wrong with him. So i walked in my room and went back to bed. Thinking about what had just happened that night. Waiting for the next full moon paranoid about what might happen next....

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